Some say they don't believe in the secrets of black and light

And in those who embrace the mysteries of both day and night.

I heard they'd rather go blind to prevent themselves from seeing

That there is no greater sin than the one they commit :

To deny the world that lies right beneath their eyes

And silence all of thoses prayers screamed to the skies.

There is no god but the one that looks over the crowd,

Face to the maiden, mother and crone.

Some say they don't believe in anyone nor anything

Those I wonder what do they know about the living,

Did they caught a glimpse of the monster that sleeps within us,

The one we created ourselves out of dust,

The same one that reeks of bloodlust ?

Some say they refuse to dive in the abyss of our ocean souls

Right where the devil lurks : meet him or not, it's a matter of luck.

Did you know that divinity dwells within the depth of our dreams ?

My thoughts are my realm, and nothing is as it seems

For I am the death of everything that lies in me.