It all started on a snowy December day, it was rather cold outside and I had just finished school when I was walking home. I live about a mile away from the school and my mother and father never were home to pick me up, so I have to walk back and forth almost every day. The ground was covered in very slippery ice and snow; anyone could have fallen if they weren't paying close attention. It wasn't always bad walking home, sometimes I got to see my friends or see a cute little animal when I was walking past the woods.

Today, on the other hand was a very cruddy day; the ice made the walk home much more dangerous and people driving cars didn't seem to care about speed. I think people are just frankly stupid in this time of the year; they don't seem to care about the safety of others. I can't blame them though, I would speed too to get home early before the holidays start, and still it's dangerous.

I almost made it home, I was so close to my house when I saw a little boy sitting on a tree stump, crying. Normally I wouldn't really care because it was just the neighbor's kid having a tantrum or something, but this little boy was different. He had a different kind of sadness coming off him, like the worst thing in the world happening him I felt the need to go over to him, to comfort him to tell him that whatever happened it was going to be alright. I slowly walked up to him and asked for his name, he replied "I want my mommy and daddy, I'm cold!" I tried to calm him down but he would keep on saying it over and over. So finally I just gave him my jacket and told him to wait, that I would be right back. A couple of seconds passed and I came back outside with a new jacket and some little snacks. He looked a little happier, and thanked me for the jacket and snacks.

I asked him where his mother and father were, but he didn't seem to know. I invited him and called the police to report a found child but no one had reported a missing child in about a year. I didn't think anything of it at the time, and told him he could stay as long as he liked. He was a very nice little boy; he sat in my living room while I made us both hot chocolate, he didn't play with anything, break anything or really do anything at all.

When I was done with the hot chocolate, he said thank you and remained quiet. Wasn't every kid really crazy and off the walls? I guess not. The room was filled with a comfy silence, while we sipped out hot chocolate. The boy broke the silence by whispering" my name is Dean." I replied "Hello Dean, I'm Jade Anderson." The boy smiled ," it's nice to meet you, Jade." He proceed letting about a little laugh, which caused me to laugh a little as well. I could tell this was going to be a fantastic friendship.

Thank you for reading sorry if there is any mistakes PM me, hope you enjoyed the chapter