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"Are you going to be able to handle this, James?" my partner, Nick asked me.

I felt the blood run through my veins. I stuffed my hands into my pocket. I didn't even look up at Nick as I stared down at the lifeless teenage body at my feet. A dark thick red blood splatter near it. The boy had been stabbed multiple times in the chest, near the heart. I looked down at the boy who had short shaggy brown hair, and he couldn't of been more than 18 years old, if that.

"Passion or hate?" I spoke out loud trying to figure out what kind of person could do this. I quickly noted that it had been personal stabbing always are.

"Are you going to be okay with this?" Nick asked me again. This time I turned and looked at Nick, and caught the annoyance in his ocean blue eyes. I watched him run a hand through his dirty blond hair.

I rolled my green eyes and looked down at the boy. "Yes, Nick." My tone came out pretty annoyed at my partner. "Geez, it's not like I'm some rookie detective, Nick. I can handle myself." I turned and put on my gloves and bent down next to the boy.

I began going through the boys pockets looking for some form of ID. I found a wallet in his front pocket and opened it up. By the amount of cash and the credit cards, I realized that is wasn't a robbery gone wrong. I pulled out a school ID and read the name off. "Emmett Taylor." I looked at the School ID, and quickly recognized the school. "He goes to school to with Damon. Good tennis player. Could have made something of himself, " I said after a moment. Damon was my teenage son.

"I'll never be able to understand what kind of person could do this to a..a child?" he asked me.

I shook my head, not able to understand myself. "That's what we have to find out." I took off my gloves and watched CSI process the scene. "Let's go back to the lab and see if we can get any prints off this wallet or this phone." I said holding up a cell phone, I found when I was looking for the wallet.

Nick nodded his head, and we walked to his 2012 Chevy Camero, silver. I got into the passenger side of the car with the evidence in a box. I ran a hand through my long dark brown hair, and couldn't help but think about my teenage son, sitting at home with his mother. I was trying not to let myself think that could have easily been Damon laying right there instead of Emmett.

As I was thinking Nick had started up the car and started to drive. Nick glanced over me and spoke. "You are letting this get personal." His tone expressed that it was a statement and not a question.

"Stop it!" I snapped at my partner, my hands balled up into fists. "How many times do I have to freaking tell you that I can handle myself, damn." I looked at him. My eyes narrowing into a cold hard gaze.

"Don't you think I know when a case is getting personal, James?" Nick demanded, pulling into the crime lab parking-lot. "I should know, I out rank you. I will have no problem taking you off this case." Nick parked the car and got out.

I snarled under my breath, not able to believe to what had just come out of his mouth. I got out of the car and slammed the door as hard as I could, which got Nick's attention. "Are you freaking serious, Nick, pulling rank during a case? How low can you get?" I turned onto my heels and walked into crime lab without another word to my partner.

I walked into my office, but I left the door open knowing that Nick would come in here. I turned and kicked my desk as I hard as I possible could imaging that it was Nick's stupid head. I sat down the box of evidence and put on my gloves. I figured I would start with the kid's phone it always says a lot about them. I started with the text messages, and began looking through them. This kid was sure popular. There was one text message that stood out to be. "Be careful, she's pissed." I read the text out loud.

"That from the kid's phone?" I looked up to see Nick sitting on the side of my desk. Though the tension in the air was still palatable.

"Yeah," I said after a minute of staring at him. "What you think it means? Do you think that it had something to do with the murder?"

Nick scoffed. "You think a female did this?" he asked. "Come on since when do females stab the males. Plus that was not a small kid and he had defense wounds on his hands."

"You can't rule anything out right now. We have no leads." I looked through the phone for a moment. "Maybe we should go talk to the school about this kid. See what he was like."

Nick nodded his head.

We pulled up the school and got out. I looked around and it brought back a lot of memories that I had forgotten about. Nick and I slowly walked into the office and I smiled at the Secretary. "Hello, I'm Detective James Evans, and this is my partner Nick Scott. We need to talk to Mr. Williams."

The secretary nodded her head and lead us into the office. I saw Mr. Williams and nodded my head at him. He was a middle aged man, who was going bald. He had big brown glass's that covered his eyes. "May I help you?" he spoke after a minute.

I took a deep breath and spoke slowly, "I'm Detective James Evans, and this is my partner Nick Scott. We need to talk to you about Emmett Taylor."

Mr. Williams got up and shut the door behind us. "It's a terrible shame about him. What can I help you with?"

Nick leaned up against the wall. "We would like to know about Emmett. Just what kind of person he is, and such."

Mr. Williams sat back down in his chair. "Emmett was a good student. A very fine athlete. We've never had problems with him."

"He never got into any trouble?" Nick raised an eyebrow. "I mean nothing of him being a bully?"

Mr. Williams shook his head no.

"May we see his file?"

"No you can't." Mr. Williams tone was surprising got onto his feet and opened the door letting us know that this meeting was over. "Laws, detectives, I'm sure you understand."

Nick and I walked out of his office and into the open. Nick stood with his arms crossed and he stared deeply into the ground.

"What is it?" I asked.

"No one is that perfect." Nick spoke after a moment. He ran a hand through his hair. "The school is protecting him for some reason. Probably because he is an athlete." Nick's phone beeped and he stared down at the text. He then looked up at me for a second. "Just got back tox report from the lab. Emmett had a blood alcoholic level of .10. That's way over the legal limit."

"What kind of athlete drinks on a Tuesday night?" I asked confused

Nick scoffed and chuckled. "Please, James," He said sarcastically. "Athletes are usually the worst partiers. They are usually all dicks."

"I thought you played baseball in high school,partner," I asked.

"I did. That's why I should know. I grew out of it."

A smirk quickly formed to my face. "You only think you grew out of it," I teased him. He than responded by quickly punching me in the stomach decently hard.

"I need to go home and do some research," Nick said.

I had gone home, and gone to bed. I had woken up in the dark with my phone ringing. I reached over and answered my phone. "What?" I grumbled still asleep.

I heard Nick's voice on the other end of the phone. "James, wake up. You need to get your ass down here right now."

I sat up now. "What is it?" I asked.

"We have another body. Guess who I have down here?" his tone was not light.

"Damon." Damon, my teenage son "Hold him and I'll be right there. Don't quest ion him yet. Just hold him." I spoke.