In everyone's life, one time or another, they are stuck between two worlds. They are standing on the line between adulthood and childhood. This is called being a teenager.

Teenagers like me get a bad rep, for being moody, unruly, and unpredictable. But the funny thing is, were as predictable as it gets. You know we're moody. You know we're unruly. And so what is there to predict? You learn to expect the unexpected.

Because us teenagers try to block out the rest of the world. Some of us drown it in music. The heavier, the deeper, the louder it is the more we try to drown our sorrows. We're confused. We try to sound cooler, we try to brag about everything that could possibly make us look cooler then we are. We try everything.

Yet we're so fragile it's a miracle we're not broken. We're so sensitive inside to every little detail. And the biggest lie to ever escape our lips is "I'm fine."

"Teenagers scare the living s**t out of me" The well-spoken words of My Chemical Romance. Either you love or hate that song. Some of us love it, because we identify with the fact that we are insane and we know it. And we desperately try to not let anyone else know; as if we didn't know their insane themselves.

Or you hate the song, because you don't want to face reality.

Reality sucks, and innocence is bliss. Which is why staying in the dark is always better then going into the light. Because in the dark you believe the grass is greener on the other side, just to cross and find out its full of weeds. You don't know what you don't know, and as kids we know nothing but the truth.

But as adults we know nothing but lies, yet by then you are convinced of their truth. Because in fact that's all you know. You have been accustoming to the lies that you believed we're so real. Let the schools of your life brainwash you with their ways until you are a just another clone of them. But convinced all of the information was from not theirs, but your own mind.

So teenagers are just standing between truth and lies, unsure what to believe. Who is real. What is fake. We decide to trust no one, because we know ourselves best. We inflate ourselves with happiness, because who else will. We tell ourselves "I love you" because who else will say it.

Teenagers scare me too. Because they don't know their power. I don't know my power. The power of the teenage mind is scary. Because it knows all of lies of adulthood and all the bliss of childhood. If only we used our knowledge for good and not evil, think of the things the world could come to.