A couple drinks too many at the pub and a friend too many caused the biggest thing to happen to me in my entire life; but first, let me tell you what happened.

It started off as a pretty good day. I got an A on my psychology paper, and me and my three closest friends and my younger brother- Yvonne, Jasmine, Aria, and Nick- got invited to a party at someone's house. I can't remember who it is. Anyway, after getting trapped in a closet with a couple of college students sucking each others faces off, and a bong, I managed to find my friends and convince them to come home with me. It was too late for anything else, considering it was around midnight.

Yvonne and her hook up for that night were snogging in the seat behind the drivers seat, which happened to me mine. They would occasionally bump into my seat and cause me to jerk forward.

Aria took the opposite window seat and lit up a sweet cancer while talking on the phone to her girlfriend in Manchester. I probably should have rolled the windows down when I saw the lighter burst to life, but I could hardly tell what it was with my vision being so blurred from the drinks.

The person who was stuck in the middle was my little brother, Nick, who was in a rage about some jackass who was talking to his ex about him, or something along the lines of that. The only words I could make out were, "Leah," "whore," "me," and "lying." I'm glad that I didn't hear most of what was said, considering that I'd have to deal with Leah tomorrow in my philosophy class.

Last, but not least, was Jasmine, who was passed out in the passenger seat next to me. When we left, her face was flushed, her hair was like a birds nest, and she had a bit of vomit on her lip from when she was puking her guts out in the toilet. She was my favorite person in the car, partially because of my massive crush on her, but mostly because she was the only quiet person, besides me.

When we started on the drive back to University, my brother and I shouted at some twat in a Jag who almost ran into us because they were driving on the other side of the road. Or maybe it was the other way around; I'm not really sure. We ended up the the middle of the road because my head hurt, I popped two ibuprofen, and when I looked up, the line in the road was in between the tires of my car. I shouted back at my brother for still yelling about his ex, and Kelly and her hookup bumped into my seat rather unexpectedly. God, everyone was pissing me off, but I dealt with it for about another twenty minutes. Then I turned on the radio and blasted the shit out of everyones ears, including my own. When we crossed over a bridge, and entered a forest, I yawned for a second, my foot slipped, and we ended up in a fight with a tree.

Now, I'm sure you were wondering what was the biggest thing that had happened in my life at this point, before the tree won.

I died.