The Bird And The Wolf

In the coldest winter this broad indigenous forest has had, I met a bird. This bird had slick black feathers and eyes congruent with the darken sky. I crunched leaves under the pressure of my paws. It did not cower in my essence, but instead pleaded with me for assistance. I remember the quiet words of the small raven.

"I don't know how to fly. Please, teach me how to fly."

My forehead cringed. My thoughts circled around this anomaly. What? A bird that doesn't know how to fly? How is this possible? I looked, my blue eyes piercing through the trees, for a solution. How could I,a wolf, teach a bird to fly?

Over the next few weeks I nurtured the bird. I gave it information, almost all the knowledge I had on flight, which wasn't very much. I asked about what had happened to its companions only to have the question directed back to me. Silence would fill the air, but still we walked on.

I had heard of other birds in certain parts of the woods. I would ask them for advice, but they told me it was instinct. Or they would insist that a guardian must teach this to a "flightless" bird. A month had pasted and I found scrapes on the birds left wing. It was the beginning of march now and yet the solution was still not found. I cleaned its wound finding that it was actually mostly healed. It had been there for sometime it seemed.

When spring finally came I witnessed a beautiful thing. I had found a way to see this wondrous bird take flight. I told the raven we would play a game. I was going to chase it and touch the side of its wing and then it would chase me as well. I was going to be the tagger first.

The raven ran with all the strength it had, little did it know I let it have the lead. We ran to the edge of the forest. Where it was split ages back leaving a river running hundreds of miles under it. That's when I saw this wonderful sight. The raven flew over the crack and into the air. Its majestic wings claiming the orange tinted skies above. I watched that bird joyously,circle over and over. I smiled bursting with pride for both myself and my friend. I knew that it would reach heights that I could never begin to imagine. I walked behind the lively trees knowing the even as a wolf I could still teach a bird to fly.