Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue

By: ShinigamiForever


We pretend everything is okay

And we curl up

Listening to the hypnotic ripples

And drops

Of serenity that sound like bells


I wake up in the middle of the night

And shadows choke me

When they gather close

And I feel like there are dreams

Reflected in the mirror


You ask me why

And I say that if I knew

I would tell you

You kiss me

And don't ask anymore


Nostalgia grips me so tightly

I can't breathe

And the scent stings like the smell

Of eucalyptus

Coated heavily like ashes

Traps me in warm summer air

But most of the time

You just ignore me

With your empty cold voice

And your empty cold eyes

And your empty cold hands

And your empty cold heart


Despite everything

I want to own you

More than anything…

A/N: Yeah, yeah, the title doesn't have anything to do with the poem. So shoot me! Not literally….