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Level One:: Start

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Download Trophies?

"Sure, why not."

1%... 50%... 100%

"That was fast."

The music started up, and the screen, "RPG Infinite Press Start" so the player pressed start. He was immediately sent to the character customization screen.

"That is a lot of options."

He chose a few options (which took about half an hour because there were, like, a thousand categories) and once he was done, he sent his avatar flying into a random world.

There was a flash of light in the sky, and something came plummeting down to earth. It landed with a loud "THUD!" It turned out to be the avatar of a new player.


Species: Human

Element: Fire

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior

Level: 1

Console: PS4

Stamina Oriented

He struggled to stand up, then almost fell backwards. "Well that hurt..." he grumbled. "Talk about a face plant. Where am I, anyway?"

Pyrodius brushed the dirt off of himself and looked around. It was a very empty seeming place, covered in grass and flowers, and a few trees. "Hello?" he called. "Anybody out here?"

He suspected that he was the only one in this world. But there was somebody watching him from behind one of the trees. "Ooh, a new player?" they said. "Time to get some experience."


Species: Elf

Element: Magic

Gender: Female

Class: Sorceress

Level: 9

Console: Wii U

Summon Oriented

[MysticaLegend casts Summon:Warg]

"What the-" Pyrodius was knocked backwards when the warg charged into him. Having no time to react (and being the lowest level possible) he was being torn apart in a matter of seconds.

"What a lame-o," MysticaLegend said. "I give it about fifteen seconds until he has to respawn."

Pyrodius didn't want to lose in his first battle. So when the warg was about to deal a blow with it's paw, he rolled out of the way.

[Pyrodius uses Fireball]

Flailing his arms like a maniac, he sent fireballs flying towards the warg.

[MysticaLegend's Summon:Warg has been defeated]

[Pyrodius Level Up]

"All right!" Pyrodius cried. He looked around to find the one who had cast the summon, but couldn't find MysticaLegend. "Where-?"

[MysticaLegend casts Summon:Fog]

And thus, Pyrodius couldn't see a thing. "Dang it!" He tried to focus his vision, but that obviously didn't help. "What are you planning?"

Then he got hit in the back of the head with MysticaLegend's staff.

"Ow!" Pyrodius cried, whipping around to face MysticaLegend as the fog cleared. "Why are you attacking me?!"

"For the experience," the sorceress replied. "Now hold still so I can kill you."

Pyrodius ducked as she swung her staff again. "Cut it out!"

[Pyrodius uses Fireball]

MysticaLegend blocked the attack by twirling her staff. "Is that the only thing you can do?"

"I'm level two!" Pyrodius exclaimed.

"Whatever," MysticaLegend said with a shrug.

Pyrodius clenched his teeth, then leaped at her.

MysticaLegend, with a smirk, leaped at him as well.


They stopped in mid air, just before they were about to clash, then fell back down. MysticaLegend landed it. Pyrodius got another face plant.

"Nightblade!" MysticaLegend exclaimed.

"Nightblade?" Pyrodius inquired, standing back up and rubbing his head.

Standing at the top of a cliff was an avatar that looked like an over-hyped ninja.


Species: Human

Element: Shadow

Gender: Male

Class: Ninja

Level: 23

Console: Xbox One

Agility Oriented

"Fighting a new avatar just for experience is foolish, Mystic," Nightblade said. "Even if you do defeat him, which would be extremely easy and unfair, you wouldn't get any more than ten points."

"Hey!" Pyrodius exclaimed.

Mystic took her hood off. "You're right, I know you are," she said. "I'm sorry, senpai."

Nightblade nodded and leaped down to where they were. "Are you alright?" he asked Pyrodius.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he replied. "That warg summon actually earned me a level-up. Mystic and Nightblade, right?"

They nodded.

"Cool!" He shook their hands. "I'm Pyrodius! And honestly, I'm surprised I was the first one to come up with that pun. You can call me Pyro."

"Original," Nightblade said sarcastically. "And I suppose you're a fire element?"

"Uh... yeah."

Mystic scratched her head. "You know, you're not that bad of an avatar," she said. "You should stick around," she turned to Nightblade. "I mean, if that's okay with you senpai..."

Nightblade nodded. "Of course," he said.

Pyro blinked. "Well, I..." he muttered. "I didn't think I would find companions this quickly. I kind of expected a single-player survival test in this game."

Mystic grabbed his wrist and took off. "Well, now you get a multi-player survival test! Let's go!"


Nightblade just laughed and followed them.

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Console (Not required)

... Oriented

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