"Well, they were interesting," Pyro sighed.

Slash was still shaking. "N-N-No more Arrow Monkeys..." she whimpered.

"They are gone now," Nightblade told her. "You can stop worrying now."

Mystic scratched her head. "What could have happened to her that made her so terrified of Kobolds?" she inquired.

Pyro shrugged. "Who knows?"

Nightblade glanced up at the darkening sky. "We should rest up for the night," he said.

"Good idea!" Pyro exclaimed. "A little healing up would be nice, especially when it's not wasting Mystic's MP."

Slash sighed. "Alright, then," she sniffled, walking away. "See you losers in the morning."

"Where are you going?" Mystic asked.

"To sleep," Slash replied. "What do you think?"

Mystic and Pyro exchanged glances, then shrugged. "Well, goodnight then," Pyro called.


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