The world. That round thing that looks like a blue and green gobstopper from outer-space. It must though be a half-sucked gobstopper, because the first layer is always one colour and then as you go further down, there's patches and mergings and really by the end you're left with this small white dob of a gobstopper. But no one ever looks; who would want to take a small saliva-covered thing from their mouth and stop to look at it?

But let's get back to the beginning. We've gotten part the first layer, the one colour, and we're beginning to see patches of blue and green. Our world. But I want to change this world. Blue and green never really has been a fancy of mine, they're too neutral. So the only thing to do is keep sucking that gobstopper til we get down to a pink. There we go, this nice bright pink. It's a bit iffy though, there's a yellow underneath it and at some points they've merged to create this sickly colour. If I'm changing to world, I'm not having anything sick. So we get down a bit further and there's a brown. But the brown is a bit faded, a poorly coloured brown, and I don't want to see anything poor. Let's keep going. It's becoming quite a small gobstopper now, but we'll get there, we'll get to the right colour. Red's come now. It's quite a deep red, but it's bit of a bloody type of colour, and I don't want anything to do with the bloody. It's getting a bit thin now our gobstopper. A bit too thin actually. There's nothing left but to hold the small saliva-covered thing and stop and look and it. It's a white dob. A white, even, equal, dob.

Our gobstopper world has been sucked through the colours, and all that's left is this whiteness. A bit like the first colour, one that was the same over the whole thing.

That's what our gobstopper world is, one that begins the same and ends the same; equal. And the middle, well that's just to pass the time whilst we wait for the bus.