Last Supper

Nicole Failing

I stared at the blood stain on the wallpaper. I couldn't get it out. It was a haunting reminder of what I've done. This is all my fault. Alex, Michelle, and Victoria would still be alive if it wasn't for me. I- My God. I killed them. It was me.

"I'm sorry." I whispered. My hand trembled as I reached for the knife on the sink before me.

I gripped the handle of the knife tightly. It was one of Victoria's extremely sharp Cutco knives she had spent almost a month's paycheck on. Too bad she would never get to go to culinary school now.

I pressed the tip of the knife into my wrist. After what I've done, I do not deserve to live. One good slice would end this.

"What are you doing?" I heard Damien demand from behind me. I didn't hear him enter the kitchen. Hell, I hadn't realized he was back in the house.

Before he could stop me I sliced the knife deep into my arm. It was nicely done. Wrist to elbow, no playing around here, I want to die. Scarlet blood flooded out and splattered into the sink. I hissed in pain and dropped the knife. It clattered loudly into the sink.

Suddenly he was beside me and grabbed hold of my bleeding arm. Before my eyes I saw the wound close. There wasn't even a mark. If there wasn't a sink full of blood I might of wondered if I had imagined the whole thing.

"Tiffany." He hissed coldly. "Did you really think I would let you get away so easily?"

"Please." I whimpered. "You're stronger again. You don't need me anymore. Just let me go!"

"You're upset about your friends." He observed.

"I- I helped you kill them." I sobbed.

He rolled his eyes. It was such a human gesture. It wasn't something he had done in the beginning. I think he learned it from me.

"Your guilt annoys me." He informed me.

"You annoy me! Go away!" I snarled back.

"Watch your tone, girl." He said coldly.

"I'm not afraid of you." I turned away from him and looked out the window above the sink. I used to love being able to see the garden while I did the dishes but now I couldn't stand the sight. I knew what lay underneath it. "I'm just as much a monster as you are." I said softly.

He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder. Lately he's been trying out random human signs of affection on me. He's been watching a lot of Michelle's stupid Lifetime movies. I think he's trying to comfort me.

"You need to stop moping around. You did what needed to be done. They were infected." He whispered in my ear. He breath was ice cold on my neck.

"Because of you!" I snapped. "This is all your fault!"

"You rescued me, Tiffany. I thank you for that. What happened to your friends was unfortunate." He responded. It was probably the closest thing to an apology I would get.

"I should have left your ass in the woods." I muttered.

"That's not very nice." He kissed the nape of my neck. It felt as cold as an ice cube. He released me and headed towards the fridge. "I'm going to make you dinner. Stay away from the knives."

"That's hilarious, Damien." I sneered. I couldn't pronounce his real name so I chose a different one for him. He didn't seem to mind. He didn't realize that I named him after the Antichrist in the The Omen.

I watched him move about the kitchen with cat-like grace. He looked human but his movements were too fluid. So effortless. He was chopping up a carrot like celebrity chef. He stopped and looked at the green stem.

"Do you eat this part?" He looked at it quizzically.

I shook my head. I watched him toss the stalk into the puddle of blood in the sink.

He was very handsome. He was wearing a pair of Victoria's father's sweat pants we had found in a dresser. His chest was bare and was rocking a nicely sculpted six-pack. His hair was black and fashioned into a crew cut. His skin was white and completely flawless. What clued me into him being 'different' was his eyes. They were dark grey and extremely observant. Nothing got past him.

It was the summer after my senior year of high school. Alex, Victoria, Michelle and I were spending a month in Victoria's parents' cabin in Canada. The only way to get to the cabin is a two hour canoe ride. We thought it would be an adventure and would spend the summer fishing and sunbathing until we had to go our separate ways in the fall. Victoria was going to go to culinary school. Alex was going to study abroad in France. Michelle and I were going to go to the state university.

Victoria and I had found him in the forest. We had been looking for berries when we come across him. He was in a patch of wildflowers shivering uncontrollably. He had been wearing what looked to be a ragged air force uniform. We thought he had been somehow involved in a plane wreck and brought him back to the cabin. We had been debating on what we should do with him when Alex had fallen sick. She had fallen into a high fever and hysterics. Then she began to claw at herself and anyone that got near her. Within a matter of hours both Michelle and Victoria were also sick. They became animal-like and extremely aggressive. They attacked each other and anything that moved, including me. I locked myself in the only room with a lock. It was the master bedroom we had put Damien in. He was conscious and explained to me what he was and what needed to be done.

He is an alien. The disease that was eating my friend's brains ravaged his planet. He had a vaccine in his system that keeps away the madness but brings fever spells every so often. If the madness hits you, it is too late. It eats your brain and turns you into a blood thirsty monster till death takes you. He was a biologist and had come across the galaxy searching for a cure. It was too late for my friends and he told me what needed to be done. And I did it.

"Tiffany, what are you thinking about?"

I looked up to see him watching me with his alert grey eyes. I hadn't realized I had been staring into space.

"How come I never got sick?" I questioned.

He looked away from me with what looked like a guilty expression and began to slice a head of lettuce. "I was getting around to talking to you about that."

"Yeah?" I asked.

"My ship is almost repaired." He informed me.

"Good. Get the hell out of here." I commanded.

He chuckled. "You would miss me, Tiffany."

"I would get over it." I responded.

"I want you to come with me." He told me.

"Are you high?" I asked.

"I'm not sure what that means but I can hear the protest in your voice. You haven't been sick because you're immune. You're the cure. I need you to come with me." He commanded.

"No way in hell!" I grabbed for the knife in the sink. He was across the kitchen but when I put my head down he had somehow appeared right beside me. He roughly grabbed my wrist and twisted my arm behind my back.

"Ow!" I yelped as I tried to pull myself out of his grip.

"Why are you whining? I'm not hurting you. I merely restrain you so you don't do anything else stupid." He sounded amused.

"Let go of me!" I scolded.

"As you wish." He let go of my arm. I turned around and faced him. He was studying me carefully like a lion watching a gazelle.

I didn't like his judgmental gaze and looked back out the window towards the garden. "I can't ever go home, can I?"

He shook his head. "Your people wouldn't understand. It is understandable that you have fear. I promise I'll take care of you. Haven't I taken good care of you these last couple of weeks while you've been grieving?" Grieving was a nice way of saying, 'complete mental breakdown'.

I frowned. "I don't want to be your pet."

"Pet? No, Tiffany." He took my hand. His skin was so cold. "You'll be my people's savior. Your blood can be transformed into a cure and save millions of lives. I've already created a crude antidote with your blood cells and I yet to be hit with the fever. I feel much better then I've felt in a long time.

"If you have my blood, you don't really need me, do you?" I snickered.

"Yes, I do." He gently stroked my wrist. The tenderness in the gesture surprised me. He tends to act on logic before emotion. This is probably the most emotional I've seen him. "Who else is going to drive me completely mad?"

I sighed. "Damien, I -" I found myself hesitating. I have nothing left. My friends are dead and I'm expected home in a week. I was sarcastic when I told Damien I wouldn't miss him but truth be told, I've come to care for him a great deal.

I looked down at Damien's hand in mine. "This is unnatural."

"Why? I look the same as you. Come back with me, Tiffany." His grey eyes had a softness to them that I've never seen.

"Sure, why the hell not?" I answered.

He leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine. This time the coldness of him wasn't unpleasant. I secretly enjoyed the way it made my lips tingle.

"Are you ready for diner?" He asked me.

I nodded. With one last look to the garden I followed Damien into the dining room for my last meal on Earth.