A/N: I just had finished watching a sad movie and thought about this...its pretty depressing...what is wrong with me! Oh well enjoy I guess...

She stares at the man, who is holding a gun to her head, roughly shoving it forward. Tears begin to well in her eyes and she almost complies to his demands. Wait...if she went into that car with him then she would most likely still die...not without some form of torture she shudders to think at.

No she is not afraid, she will not beg she has pride. So with a mighty cry she shoved the repulsive man away from her and grappled for her her keys, fitting them between each knuckle. The women quickly swings and hit her mark, the mans throat but not before he shoots the gun. The bullet know lodged in her chest slowly draining the life out of her as well as the man with a torn jugular.

Together their blood runs, mingling in an ironic twist. The women did not cry or feel sad but instead glad, for she had saved one more innocent life at least with her own.

Her choice was clear, he mind free, and conscience clear. She is a hero.