Blood Brothers X

(The Story about Taking Revenge)

Hello There Like GAG (Ghost And Guardians) Well You are going to like this story. And a little bit more darker and interesting so Enjoy!

Have you ever felt that the whole world just drop on you

And as you bleed and scream out in pain everybody just stand there and laughs at you

And as your friend cries from humiliation. Your heart drops like a pen and your brain tells you to help your friend

Your body is frozen like a statue and feels regret for not stepping in and everyone to shut up and leave him alone

As the assholes that you call friends walk away from the scene you're the only that comes to your friends aid and thanks you for your help

But is still angry that you didn't step in

Don't Worry He will forgive for that

But now you think deeply in your head of what your friend feels

You are scared that he will take revenge and the only make matters worst

But you don't think about that because he will never do that


Sadly you are wrong

His hatred to your friends is off the charts

His meaning to Friends is turn into the Bastards that started all this Bullcrap

His friendships are turn into enemies that he wants to kill

His problems are the one thing on his mind

His thoughts

Are not suicidal

Are not about Death

It's about…..


Making his friends pay for his depression



And Respect


As the group of kids crowd around a boy, who has red and black bruiseswhich goes to his face to his knees. His clothes are ripped into pieces which means you can see his blue and white lined under garments. The kids shout names as the laugh maniacally like A Devil who see a person soul burns in the flames of Hell. People say "Loser, Weakass, Dumbass, Punk, and Baby Dick.

The Boy then looks at the Devilish Children with a serious face. "I swear…that I will…..get my revenge….then…you will all see that…You… the wrong…Guy…." The boy says as one of the boys pushed him down with one of their foot. As he tried to get up with his right arm the kids kept knocking him down with their arms and legs.

The Boy then falls down and finally gives up on getting up. The Devilish Kids then go back to beat up the corpse until they got up. Some of the boys had blood on their hand and other kids had bruises from punching the boy.

And there lies the boy, bleeding heavily with no one to care for him, No one to nurture him back to health.

Until One boy who wears a red jacket, white T-shirt, Blue jeans and black boots and blonde hair with blue eyes. The boy looks at the boys cover with blood. The blonde haired boy starts to show tears from his eyes that drop to the Bloody Boy face. He then reaches his hand to the Bloody boy.

The Bloody boy grabs his hand and is raised up from the ground like a Fallen Angel who transform into a Bright white Angel.

The other boy wraps his shoulder with the other boy back. As they walk away from the scene the boy says. "You don't have to worry about them anymore because I will take care of you."

"Thank you, Miguel again…Today I would've just been left to die if it wasn't for you." The Bloody Boy smiles hard as his tears turn into sorrow to joy.

Character Profile

The Bloody Boy is name George Johnson, who has been bullied by his school friends since he was 5 years old. He is still alive and is now 18. Graduated from High School with better friends who never bullied him but only love him. But now thinks of the past and now is ready to take his Revenge on him and the world. Will he succeed his goal? Find in this tragic story about two Brothers who tried to conquered their horrific past with their trustworthy friends


Chapter 1: The Past may Haunt You