A man briskly walked down the aisle, his cloak flapping behind him. Although he seemed to be a priest of some kind, he wore a yellow sleeveless shirt that only reached down to his belly button, had multiple gold-plated necklaces, and wore black shorts that reached down to his knees. A red cloak flowed behind him. He was oddly buff as well, which was odd for a priest. On both sides stood other priests, who wore regular priest robes, who crosses held in their hands, looking up and praying to God. The man could only laugh to himself, since these fake priests were busy praying to such a fake God. If only they knew the truth of this world, then maybe the man would have some inkling of respect towards them. Maybe just a sliver. The man shook his head, no, he wouldn't even give a sliver of respect towards these worms. They're too below him.

He continued to walk down the red carpet, and his thoughts returned to what he was supposed to do at today's ritual. All he had to do, was kill everyone here, and his God would reward him with more power. Just a few more rituals like this, and then the final ritual to summon his God would be ready. All of his plans were now coming to fruition, just a couple more years, and the world would be rewritten. Suddenly a useless ape walked up to the man and bowed.

"Sir, Crowley is waiting for you in the main hall" he said. The man waved him off with a scowl, to think that he had to work with a demon such as Crowley. But he had to, so his dream could come true. This has been his mission since he was but a teenager, so he had to see it through, by whatever means necessary. So he continued down the hall until he reached the main hall. He entered the room and notice the man wearing completely black just lounging on a couch. There wasn't supposed to be a couch in the main hall, but it looked like the man in black didn't care. He had short brown hair, and brown eyes. He lounged on the couch with a bored expression on his face.

"Crowley" the supposed priest said.

"Oh, look who finally showed up" Crowley muttered. "It's about time you got here."

"It's about time we started the ritual" the man replied, slightly irritated at Crowley.

"Now now, why don't we just enjoy each others company for a while?" Crowley suggested as he leaned back on the couch.

"I'm sure we both know that I dislike your company, so I recommend that you start this ritual before I kill you" the man said with a scowl. Crowley shrugged his shoulders,

"Fine, fine, be a sour-puss" he muttered as crossed his legs and leaned further into the couch, "I guess we should get this going then." Crowley snapped his fingers, and a scroll popped in out of no where and floated down onto his open palm. He slid it open and looked at its contents, after double-checking them, he rolled it up and handed it to the man in front of him. "These are the terms of our agreement" Crowley explained as the man in front of him opened the scroll and looked through its contents.

"So then, that's all you want is it?" The man wondered. Crowley nodded,

"That's right, is that a problem?" Crowley asked. The man glared at him,

"No, it's not a problem at all" he said as he took a pen out of one of his pockets and signed the scroll in beautiful cursive. Then he rolled it up and handed it back to Crowley, who tossed it into the air and snapped his fingers, the scroll disappearing with a puff of smoke. Then the ivory man turned and walked towards the middle of the main hall, where he stopped and held his arms out wide, palms facing outwards. "Let's begin" he muttered as a dark aura blasted out of his palms and began to envelop the room.

As the dark aura began to surround him, Crowley smirked, thinking to himself that this man was very interesting. Not just this power, this man had so much more. To think that this man would be blessed by his God, it should have been nearly impossible. There are a select few who can even own one power of God, but this man has hundreds. That may be weird, but what was more weird was that a demon like himself was assisting a priest who was trying to resurrect his God. But whatever, his goal was the same as this God's. Suddenly, Crowley heard loud screams from the other priests in the church, as the deadly dark aura surrounded them.

This dark aura is just a simple quick to kill curse. One strong enough to kill normal humans, but way too weak to kill a demon. This place had been chosen for the human sacrifices needed for the ritual. No single person here was one born with a power, it was just filled with normal priests. Soon, all the screams died out as every priest in the church finally died. Crowley slowly clapped his hands as the ivory-skinned man lowered his arms and glared at him as he turned.

"Well done Samuel, that was a very efficient way to kill them off" Crowley congratulated.

"Shut the hell up Crowley, don't you dare say that name ever again" "Samuel" growled.

"Always so hostile, you should get those anger issues checked out" Crowley suggested, "Well then, what should I call you then? Hmm... how about Saint of the Gods? Nah, too long. Okay then, Mr. Saint it is" Crowley concluded.

"Whatever, I don't care what you call me, as long as you never say that name ever again" the now named Mr. Saint muttered. Crowley clasped his hands together in a happy fashion,

"Oh my, we finally agreed on something!" he exclaimed, "look at our bond growing."

"Silence you demon" Mr. Saint said, "we need to get going to our next destination."

"Another church huh? We still need more souls?" Crowley complained. He sighed, "summoning a deity is so much work."

"He's not just any deity, He is God" Mr. Saint corrected him.

"I'm a demon you know, you shouldn't say that in front of me so much" Crowley muttered.

"You seem perfectly fine to be sitting in a church" Mr. Saint spat.

"In a church dedicated to a fake God" Crowley said.

"It matters not, let's go" Mr. Saint said as he turned, his cloak flapping in the nonexistent wind. Crowley sighed, stood up and followed Mr. Saint outside of the church. It was finally time for Mr. Saint's dream to come true, and he was willing to do anything for it to come to fruition.

A/N: I will eventually rewrite some of this story to make it better, as even I can notice the huge writing quality difference later on. So, that'll happen eventually.