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The TV played quietly in the background of the living room as I sat on the couch, keeping a watchful eye on the small, grey-eyed toddler that I was responsible for. His brown hair was falling in his face.

I'd never had much in my life to care about, but this little toddler, meant the world to me. I'd never let anything happen to him, I couldn't let anything happen to him. He was the center of my life.

I'd rescued the little boy when he was two from a vampire attack, an attack that had occurred in my own home, killing my parents and nearly this adorable little toddler. I managed to protect him for the fatal blow of the vampire, but nearly got killed in the process.

"Kazu," his bright little face turned to me, eyes searching. His beautiful grey eyes that had never seen the light of day were trying now to find me, sitting just feet away from him.

"I'm right here kiddo, what do you need?" I asked quietly, moving to sit on the ground beside him.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine bud, why?" I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into my lap. He rested his head back against my chest and smiled up at me.

"You're just really quiet tonight." I could feel his soft voice rumble against my chest.

"I'm fine Yuki," I said, leaning down to press my lips to his caramel brown hair.

Yuki smiled and closed his grey eyes, resting comfortably against my chest. "So sleepy," he contently said, he seemed more than content curled up against my chest.

"Come on; let's go to bed if you're sleepy."

"Okay," he sighed, snuggling further into my shirt.

I lifted him and carried him upstairs. I pushed open the door to his bedroom and carefully pulled back the covers. "You've had such a busy day, haven't you bud?"

Yuki nodded snuggling down into bed. "Will you lay with me for a little bit?"

"Of course," I sat down on the edge of his bed and kissed his soft hair. "I love you,"

He smiled softly. "Wove you too," he said in a soft cutesy voice. I couldn't help but return that adorable smile and those sweet words.

I slid my shoes off and slid under the blanket with him, pulling him close to my chest. I started to hum softly as I pressed my lips softly into his hair, letting my fingers play in his soft caramel waves.

Yuki was the sweetest little boy I'd ever met. Even though we'd lost our parents, Yuki had never shown any signs that he was upset. He didn't complain much about anything, he never cried, he hated to see people upset, and he never let his emotions get the best of him.

He turned over slowly in my arms and nuzzled against my chest. "Kazu, do you have to go on a hunt tomorrow?" He asked softly.

I sighed and held him tighter. "I'll be back before tomorrow night, I promise."

He huffed.

"What's bugging you?" I asked.

"Nothing," he sighed and closed his eyes, snuggling into my chest.

I let it go before I started something with the little toddler. "Alright, sleep well Yu," I whispered, kissing his hair.

He found his way comfortable against my chest and closed his eyes. "Will you stay with me tonight Kazu?" he asked, his voice sounding sleepy and exhausted already.

"Of course," I wrapped my arms around him and felt all his tension leave his body. "I'll wake you up before I leave in the morning, okay?"

He shook his head and wrapped his arms around my midriff. "My prisoner," he said adorably, meaning for it to be menacing.

"Okay, I'm your prisoner," I said, nuzzling my face into his soft caramel hair. "I'll be here for you always and forever."

Yuki sighed contentedly and I watched him slowly drift off into an easy slumber.

I stroked his soft caramel hair with gentle fingers; he looked so peaceful as he slept. "Seems like you two are as close as ever," A vividly familiar voice asked from the doorway. I looked towards the sound and smiled. There stood the teen who I have deemed my lover since I was fifteen.

"Long time-no-see Sora," I said, opening my free arm towards him.

"Sorry it took me so long," Sora said, rushing forward into my arms. "I missed you," he whispered, wrapping his arms around my neck, his long dark red hair falling into my face, his brilliant azure eyes staring down into mine as he stood over me. "How's Yuki?"

"He's exhausted, he had me running around chasing him all day." I said, glancing over at my baby brother, giving him a sweet smile.

"You look exhausted," he said.

"Mmm," was all I said, and turned my gaze back to him.

Sora smiled softly at me and brushed his lips against mine. "Come on, let's go to bed." Sora said, tugging on my shirt, trying to get me off the bed.

I smiled up at him and leaned down to peck Yuki on the head. "I love you buddy, sleep tight."

I slid out from Yuki's hold and stood slowly, wrapping my arms around Sora's thin waist. We walked out of Yuki's room and Sora twisted in my arms, pushing me gently against the wall.

I smiled and kissed his nose. "Naughty little Sora, don't tempt me."

"Mmm, but isn't it more fun this way?" Sora asked and pressed his lips to my collarbone. He trailed his hands up and twisted his fingers in my hair. "I shouldn't go away for so long," he said. "I miss you so much when I leave."

I squeezed his hips and pulled him closer. "Sorry to tell you but I've got a hunt tomorrow,"

Sora sighed and stretched up on his toes and kissed my lips with a gentle passion. "Well, we'd better make the best of tonight then shouldn't we?"

I chuckled and tugged him towards the bedroom. "What do you two think you are doing?" I heard a familiar growl.

Sora stopped just short of the room and turned towards the stairs. "Jarrod, leave us alone, I'm sixteen now you don't have to watch us like a hawk."

I turned to see Sora's older brother Jarrod standing at the top of the stairs his dark red hair was pulled back from his face and his eyes were sharply trained on my hands at his little brother's waist. "But you see Sky, I do, you are sixteen but your 'lover' there is eighteen." Jarrod said.

Sora stuck his tongue out at Jarrod. "Don't call me Sky," he said and pulled me into the bedroom and slammed the door shut and locked it before Jarrod could get another word out.

Sora let out a heavy sigh. "God he's annoying."

"But you love him," I said.

Sora turned around and hugged me. "Not more than I love you,"

"I love you too Sky," I said, waiting to see his reaction. I was let off with a shy little smile.

Sora pulled me towards the bed, giving me a soft push onto the soft surface and moved towards the bathroom. I sat and waited for Sora to come back into my line of sight. When he came back, his shirt was off and I could see he'd cleaned up a little, his familiar navel piercing glinted in the dim light of the room.

"Hey you," I said, and placed my hands on his hips.

He gently pushed me down onto the bed and climbed onto my lap, pressing his bare chest against mine. "Hey," he said. I moved my hands up his back and stroked a familiar scar on his lower back. "Do you have to leave tomorrow?"

"Unfortunately," I said, meeting his gaze. "If I had known you and Jarrod were coming back tonight, I wouldn't have taken the job, but I was looking for a distraction."

He pressed his face against my neck and kissed my neck. "I'm sorry, I should have called. I wanted to surprise you."

"It's okay baby, I don't blame you, I will just have to finish up quick."

"What are you hunting?" he asked as he trailed his lips up to my jaw.

I felt my blood pulsing a little harder in my veins as he moved his lips along my skin. "Succubus,"

Sora sat up and frowned at me. "Succubus? Really, you are abandoning me to hunt a seductive demon bitch?"

"Whoa, geez Sora,"

Sora trailed a hand down to the hem of my shirt and began to pull it up, his eyes still staring into mine. "No one can have you except me."

I leaned up a little and kissed the underside of his chin. "I am yours and only yours, you make me whole, without you I will die." I repeated the vows we'd spoken to each other to bind ourselves together almost as a marriage. I then reached up and touched my fingers to Sora's left ear. "I marked you with this symbol to protect you." I whispered, fingering the earring that rested on his lobe. The earring was in the shape of a Celtic Trifecta, an ancient symbol of protection.

"And I you," he whispered, leaning in and nipping my earlobe.

Three years ago, after our first together, Sora and I had pledged out lives to each other. I'd Claimed him and he'd Claimed me. The earrings were a mark to prove the Claiming, having each worked up the courage to stab one of my mom's sewing needles threw each other's left ears.

I loved Sora and for me to be prepared at fifteen to do anything of him meant a lot.

Sora slipped his hand up my shirt and his fingers slowly worked their way upwards, tracing patterns as he worked. "If only our Claim didn't have to happen the way it did." He said softly, his mouth resting near my ear.

I wrapped my fingers tightly around his hips and flipped him onto his back. "Hmmm, that's true, it would have been more pleasant for both of us if you hadn't been raped first, but we're here now together my love and no one, and there is not a force on this earth that will keep us apart, not even your brother." I said, hooking my fingers into the waistband of his jeans.

Sora arched his back and I slipped the rough material down off his hips, bringing his boxers with it. His body was beautiful laying there before me. His skin was nearly perfect, marred only in a few places by scars from supernatural beings, namely a certain vampire. Along his right shoulder was a dragon tattoo that he had let his older brother give him last year, and I must admit it had turned out well, I was just glad Jarrod hadn't found a witch to enchant the ink to 'protect' Sora's 'innocence'. His navel ring was simple, nothing too fancy. He had asked me what I thought of him getting his hips pierced… it was an interesting thought and I approved, but I wasn't sure if Jarrod would let him get it done, he might think Sora was trying to add something kinky into our 'private' time.

Sora's sapphire eyes searched mine as I got up onto the bed and placed a knee on either side of his hips. "What?" I asked as I began to run on hand down his side.

He smiled impishly. "You are still wearing your clothes." He said, sliding his hands up my shirt and slowly pulled it up over my head. Sora smoothly worked down my pants and kissed my now exposed chest. "Much better," he praised.

I grasped his chin and pulled his mouth up to mine, locking him in a passionate kiss. We only broke apart to take in a breath of air.

"Don't stop, don't ever stop," Sora gasped.

"I won't," I soothed my hands down his chest. "You are mine," I whispered in his ear possessively, making him shiver.

I stroked his body with a softness that Sora loved, my fingertips just barely brushing his manhood. Sora moaned beneath me and I knew tonight was going to be a good night as he arched up into my hand, his hardening member twitching.

I smiled and kissed his heating skin letting my lips brush each of his nipples, hearing that ever-satisfying little gasp of pleasure from Sora as I did. I selected his left nipple to focus on as I let my hand trail down to his perfect little entrance. Sora wrapped his fingers into my hair as I pushed a single finger into his little opening.

Sora arched up into me, a small gasp of pleasure bursting through his lips. "More, please Kazuma," he begged.

Sora was so easy to please. No matter how much he dressed like a little slut sometimes, my little lover was very… well, I shouldn't say he's innocent, but that a good description. I was the only person he'd ever had sex with, unless there's something he isn't telling me, and over the years, I've learned exactly how to please his sensitive body.

I nipped his pink little blossom and slowly moved my finger in and out of his tight entrance. Sora gave a hard tug on my hair and I looked up at him, letting my tongue circle his nipple. "Please Kazuma, give me more." He asked in a very child like voice.

I smiled and slid a second finger slowly in beside the first and Sora smiled, satisfied with himself. "My beautiful minx," I said.

Sora just tightened his grasp in my hair and threw his head back, relishing in the feelings of my touch. I felt all my tension from the past few weeks of worrying over him evaporate into the heat of our skin as I stroked and caressed and thrust my fingers into him. I could feel him loosening up under my ministrations but I knew he was ready for the next 'stage' so to speak, when he began thrusting onto my fingers, moaning and mewling like a kitten starved for attention.

I pulled my fingers from his tight heat with measured slowness so he didn't tighten back up. Sora growled at the lack of contact but I stroked his hip and moved myself between his legs. I wrapped my fingers around my nearly forgotten member and stroked a few times, hardening the hot flesh, spreading the pre-come down my length. I wrapped my hands around his thin hips and aligned myself, preparing to strike. "Ready?" I asked, keeping my voice low, near a whisper.

Sora nodded and relaxed every muscle in his body, letting me push in with out resistance as he moaned contentedly. "So good," he whispered.

I let our joined bodies rest a moment, letting Sora adjust to my length and size. It didn't take long before he grabbed my hand, resting on his hip, and squeezed it, his signed that he was ready.

I pulled back and pushed back in to him slowly, working up the speed until he was moaning and gasping headily, his whole body shaking in an effort to contain his pleasure "Kazu, I… I'm gonna…"

I could feel with the way he was squeezing me inside he was going to come, I didn't need him to vocalize anymore. I was right there with him, the tighter he clamped down on me, the more I felt like I was going to shoot off inside him.

I let one of my hands trail up to his where it was grasping the bed sheets. I coaxed his fingers free of the fabric and laced my fingers through his, pulling him up into a sitting position on my lap as I continued to thrust into him, bouncing his body a little to add to the feeling. He dug his fingernails into my back and with one final thrust both of us came, Sora with an audible scream of pleasure and me with several grunts as I came inside his tight heat.

With a low hiss from Sora, I pulled out of him. We sank down onto the bed and I stroked his sweat soaked hair. "You are amazing," I murmured as he closed his eyes. He nestled closer to me and rested his head on my chest.

"I don't ever want this to end." He whispered, and kissed a spot on my chest.

"I know what you mean baby," I breathed against his ear, earning me a shiver.

I pulled the blanket over the two of us and we settled down together, sticky and sweaty as we were. I felt sated as Sora nuzzled his head against my shoulder; it was a great feeling, especially when I knew everyone I loved was safe.