Pedaling uphill is the hardest
When the wind's ferocious talons
Tear at your exposed fingers
And all you can think is
"I'm not cold!
Foolish wind, you have no affect on me!"
(All in vain, of course)
Your ears feel like they're falling off,
And you hear your mother's voice reminding you to bring a hat,
While making a mental note to tell her that
"I forgot."

Your eyes begin to water,
As your throat burns,
But the effects are temporary,
And barely noticed as you go
The wind tangles your hair
(Only your imagination, though,
Your hair is tied back, remember?)
As you turn onto the main street.

HA people waiting for buses, when you're here
Your legs burn, sure,
But when you get home you expect you'll have muscles
The size of the buses they're all waiting for!
You want to ride in the middle of the street,
But you do listen to your mother
(Once in a while, at least)
And you know that you will get run over
Even though the street is as silent as a desert,
Except for that one house that's constantly renovating.

Another turn and you find yourself at the crosswalk.
Come on, come on, hurry, hurry,
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
And there's always that extra second
In a limbo between red lights
When you don't know whether you should go
Or not.

You laugh maniacally (in your head of course), as you speed past all those woefully ambling along.

You notice that today he's wearing a green jacket
But the headphones are still in his ears,
And you doubt he even notices you,
And honestly, you don't care,
Because he's just a boy in your math class
That thinks he's just too cool for the world.
HA you put on a confident smile
(Even though, we've been THROUGH this, you don't CARE)
And pedal faster and faster and faster until you run out of breath.

Another crosswalk, one where you lose your balance for some reason
Nearly every day
And have to remind yourself (rather beg, plead and pray with the world)
That no one will notice
Or rather, care, that you're such a klutz and that…
All thoughts seize to exist,
When you realize where your legs have led you,
And you curse the day when you stopped using your head, and relied on your feet
To get you wherever you wanted to go.
You heave a sigh, and know; deep down, that you can't escape.
You veer right, and then left (as you skillfully avoid that patch of mud that got you all dirty that dreadful first day)
As you park at the bike rack (and take note that yours is one of the only bikes there, and you should really find a better mode of transportation),
You text your mom to tell her that you're alive, and she should stop worrying.
You inhale deeply,
As the day begins, and your freedom ends,
And you begin to count down the hours, minutes, seconds,
until you could once again