Do you really think I'm deaf?

You think I can't hear the words you mumble under your breath?

The scoffs and the sneers, you think I can't hear?

Do you think I'm blind? Or that I have no eyes?

Cause even If I were deaf, I could see your face,

The way it distorts with your silent retorts

And I know you're not oblivious

To you being so mischievous

I get so sick of it

You think you're so slick with it

But you're nothing but a child

That acts out all wild

And does nothing but complain

When you don't get your way

And it's weird that you get so rude

Yet you can't take your own attitude

Because if I were to do the same and turn it on you

It becomes brand new

Like it's not something you do

You dish but can't take?

Isn't that a little fake?

I suppose It really doesn't matter

Because soon you won't even be a factor

I'll get mine and you'll get yours

And in the end that'll be what settles the score

So I must ask again

Do you really think I'm deaf?