Dear Mum...

Forgive me mum,when I curse. But we are not ready to accept the corruption in this world, we get angry for we cannot find peace with society.

Excuse me mum, while i step out for a fag. You see; tobacco warms our aching hearts, as it destroys are disregarded lungs. Leaving a bitter taste for bitter souls.

Accept me mum, while i slump. We bring our shoulders to our ears, in order to keep the outside world away from our critical minds. We squint our eyes to suppress neglected emotions.

Understand me mum, when I cry. For that boy was just like me and when he held my hand, he made me feel a little less alone in this intolerant world.

Forgive me mum, when i fail. Though you may see us as the lethargic youth...The truth is, we want to succeed. But there are too many heavy expectations which our motivation cannot withstand, we buckle with the pressure which life heedlessly hands out.

Love me mum,always.


- Your Daughter