A New Story

She planned.

This plan was special,

it was unique,

and it would save her.


It started with a dream,

a dream that she created with a friend,

that friend slowly grew into something more.


He became a boyfriend,

he was free,

she was in a cage.


Together they created an imaginary world,

a world with no limits,

a world that they both belonged.


He kept her in check,

she kept him close,

his smile making her feel special,




she told of her life,

A life where she feels lonely,


and only friends to talk to.


He wishes to save her,

but how?


They plan,

and plan some more.

That is life,

for plans only last so long,

her plan failed,

his plan was still in progress,

but she didn't care,

she loved him.

He loved her.


Together they would make it through the world,

they would survive chaos,

they would survive death itself.

For they belonged with each other.