The First Meeting

It was short and sweet,

the two enjoyed each other's company.

Held close, Silver felt safe,

safe as a newborn in its parent's' arms.


She never had parents though.

Her mother was never around,

her stepmother pushed her away for her own kids,

and her father,

he was wrapped around her stepmother's little finger.


She had to learn on her own,

the meaning of life,

the meaning of love,

the meaning of happiness.


Her grandmother helped,

her aunt helped,

but she had no one else besides Ton.


One day she asked Ton,

why does he love her,

he said,

"Because you are different from other girls,

while some would be depressed,

turn to drugs,

you moved on and kept going,

you chose to live."


She treasured this answer,

though she never told him this,

for it was the answer itself that gave her hope,

hope that she had needed so desperately,

until she could be free to be with him.