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"One Night Stand I"

Ft. the characters Kimberly Jo and Jen Cahill

"This is wrong, oh so wrong," she said, breathing heavily. "I'm a Chris -" But she was then suddenly cut off when a pair of luscious lips pressed themselves on top of hers in a passionate kiss once more, making her forget what she was about to say in protest to making out with her frenemy-turned-roommate.

Her body immediately stiffened in response, chocolate brown orbs widening drastically when Kim's tongue entered her mouth; exploring it mercilessly. Her fingers curled around themselves in the sheets of the bed in ecstasy.

Surprisingly, she didn't mind in the least bit. She would be turning twenty-one in a mere matter of seconds anyhow. And it wasn't like Kim wasn't of age, either. She was twenty-one also.

This was totally legal! And who was she to stop... whatever this was? Kim never listened to her in the first place, anyway. So who to say she would listen to her now if she told her to stop? Exactly.

"Just give in," Kim whispered seductively into her ear, nipping it teasingly a few times, before baby blue irises met chocolate brown orbs. "let me have my fun."

Kim smiled down at the brunette. Jen Cahill was possibly the most impossible person that she have had the displeasure of meeting, almost seventeen years ago, back in preschool.

They were always in each other's faces, trying to best each other in absolutely everything. Even if it was silly. They didn't care. They were rivals from the very beginning, even going as far as calling each other "frenemies."

"K-Kim," said Jen, trying to control herself, before things got too heated. "We... We shouldn't be doing this. It's... It's n-not right!"

The hesitant brunette wiggled and squirmed, but couldn't break loose, much to her dismay of course; Kim smiled knowingly, repositioning her knees on either side of the poor girl's waist and watched as she fruitlessly tried to escape. She gave up shortly after trying to break herself free however, leaving her breathless.

Jen didn't know what to make out all of this. She was so confused. And that was putting it mildly. Did she want this? She didn't know. It all happened so fast... The only thing she could comprehend at the moment was how wet she was currently feeling... even if it was with another girl. She didn't care... really, she didn't.

But all doubts flew out the window. A hand fondling her boob and squeezing tightly, enough to make her moan in ecstasy. Yes, yes she did want this. No question. She moaned again and again when it was squeezed, turning her seducer on obviously. The brunette becoming less hesitant the more she squeezed, much to Kim's delight.

Kim wanted to see all of her; fingers snaking around Jen's slender waist and, by doing so, removed the shirt as she pulled it over the girl's head slowly and carefully, not wanting to scare her. Then slowly removed her bra, exposing her breasts.

It was a beautiful sight: Jen's exposed body.

The brunette was caucasian and definitely in shape. Her breasts bouncing up and down as she breathed heavily, making Kim loose all self-control. She groped those big, round boobs of hers, making the owner moan in ecstasy. Her fingers soon finding the nipples, touching them shamelessly.

Kim then bent down toward her chest, confusing the slender brunette, until her tongue started licking that small little area between her breasts, that is; making the girl moan out in ecstasy, the bodacious blonde unaware of how wet she was currently making her by the minute. But whom enjoyed it nonetheless.

I want to hear Jen's voice when she moans, Kim thought seductively, eyeing those luscious nipples of hers as she continued on with her sucking. She soon found them, however, nothing keeping her away for long; her tongue licking them teasingly a few times before she went all in.

She fondled one nipple while sucking the other. The nipple she was currently fondling moved with her fingers effortlessly. The palm of her other hand feeling her bare stomach up and down lovingly; her fingers easily finding her belly button and fingering it for a few minutes, making the owner moan in ecstasy and clench her shoulders in the process; the bodacious blonde smirking in triumph once again that night at how much she was currently enjoying this right about now and how much she had wanted to do it with this particular brunette for so long, but couldn't.

K-Kim, thought Jen weakly, now gripping the sheets of the bed in ecstasy instead of the bodacious blonde's shoulders, before another moan had accidentally slipped out of her mouth, making her blush and look away, clearly embarrassed. Why are you doing this? Not like I'm not enjoying doing it or anything, but why me? Why not someone else? Someone more... not me?

She then suddenly gasped, feeling Kim's teeth against her exposed chest, between her boobs no less; her body wanting to escape at first, of course, but it gave in at the end and even leant into the blonde's touch. The girl going from biting to licking to sucking her bare stomach in less than a minute, probably a new record for her, knowing her that is.

Kim's taste buds were on fire! No lie! The slender brunette's stomach tasting so good on her tongue! She couldn't stop even if she wanted to, and that was the problem: She didn't want to! She had never felt so alive in her life! She had had wanted this for so long now! She even amazed herself at how long she had to contain herself around this particular brunette. But now that she couldn't... or more like, didn't have to there was definitely no holding back now!

The girl's belly button soon became red however, forcing the blonde to stop her sucking due to it now being too tender to even touch, making the slender brunette moan in pain every time she did touch it.

"Sorry," Kim apologized sincerely, yet rather oddly out of character, since she rarely ever apologized. "I didn't mean to hurt you." She was now hovering over the girl in question, whose face was showing obvious signs of discomfort. "I lost control."

Jen felt the bed shift suddenly, and in opening her chocolate brown orbs, she saw that the shift in weight had been because of Kim, the girl in question now sitting on the edge of the bed, obviously avoiding all means of eye contact by finding the floor of her room a whole heck of a lot more interesting than her.

She was now leaning on her elbows, tilting her head in confusion at the bodacious blonde's actions. It seemed like there was no stopping her at first, but looking at her now, it was like she had become a child. Not that she minded, but she had honestly wanted the real Kimberly Jo back; the girl, whose mission in life was to make hers miserable.

"Don't," Jen literally begged of the girl barely audible, but still loud enough to hear within earshot. "Don't go," she said, but much louder this time and with an authoritative tone no less, which was actually quite impressive for the otherwise usually shy, quiet girl whom she have had to come to know and love.

"Please, stay with me," said the slender brunette, Kim looking down at her arm after noticing how tight the girl's grip was becoming around her wrist in desperation. "I want you to stay with me. Please."

Now standing, both girls were staring longingly into each other's eyes; Kim's more seductively than Jen's of course, but that was to be expected, as Jen was still rather new at this whole thing, unlike the bodacious blonde that is, whom have had much more "real world" experience than the brunette (as of late).

Kim couldn't take it anymore. She literally rushed the slender brunette, tackling her to the ground, unintentionally of course, pressing her lips to those of Jen's full, luscious ones, savoring every second. Her tongue having finally entered the girl's mouth passionately, yet hungrily; exploring it shamelessly.

Their tongues soon colliding inside of Jen's mouth, battling for dominance, Kim's easily winning as she had much more experience than the brunette's. She then took the girl's tongue between her teeth and, by doing so, started sucking on it viciously, like there was no tomorrow.

Their bodies twisted and turned around on the floor, both feeling the other passionately with their hands and sometimes even feet. Kim groped those big, meaty thighs of Jen's, placing them on the sides of her waist then going for Jen's already messy brown locks, combing it with her fingers; feeling so wet.

Jen, on the other hand, was doing the exact same thing, just not as fast as the bodacious blonde. Speaking of which, Kim had even have had to take her hand in her own, placing it on her boob; telling her that it was, indeed, okay; before the blonde in question leaned down and kissed her, full on the lips, making the poor girl moan in ecstasy, involuntarily of course, against said lips.

But anything was game after that. Basically, anyway. She started out slowly of course, only merely feeling up and down the girl's stomach lovingly, like she had done to her not just a few minutes ago, then her fingers becoming more and more curious about the rest of her body and what she felt like underneath that shirt of hers, as she, herself, was already shirtless, why shouldn't Kim be too, you know?

She then suddenly involuntarily gasped, out loud too nonetheless, when she felt Kim's tongue enter her mouth hungrily; she having to clench the girl's shoulders in return. The bodacious blonde's tongue felt so weird in her mouth, to say the very least. She felt it explore her mouth passionately, not missing a single beat.

Their tongues soon locked in combat, wanting dominance. She learned quickly, easily; even if she didn't win, she didn't mind. Honestly, she didn't. This was Kim that she was talking about after all, and the girl just wasn't about to let a newbie beat her at her own game, that was for sure. Even if that newbie was her.

She hastily pulled the girl's shirt off and over her head, their lips parting for only a fraction of a second, throwing it carelessly across the room, not caring where it landed, as that was the least of her concerns at the moment, considering the situation.

"See anything you like, hm?" asked the blonde flirtatiously, albeit a bit jokingly, once she had finally decided to come up for air, but still a little out of breath apparently, after having just gotten done sucking the girl's tongue.

The blonde in question was still on top of the slender brunette, but was now straddling her waist with her knees, one on each side of her waist, as she stared down at her seductively, before stripping her own bra from her body so fast that if you blinked you would've missed it, revealing her famous bodacious boobs to the girl, said girl's chocolate brown orbs widening fractionally at the sight before her.

Kim smirked when she saw the look on Jen's face; the exact response she was hoping to get from the girl. "Now do you see anything you like, hm?" purred Kim seductively into her ear. She leant as close as she could, without their nipples touching each other, before going all in, making the brunette gasp loudly.

Their nipples were now touching each other, dancing together lovingly. Jen unsure at first, of course, but learning quickly. Though, because Kim's were so bodacious, her little ones were mostly smothered by them in the process, as was to be expected by doing it with someone with such big boobs.

Jen lost count how many times she moaned in ecstasy as their nipples touched, danced together. A few times, though, she almost chocked because of how big the blonde's were, almost squishing her a few times, accidentally of course.

"Th-this feels so good," said the slender brunette barely audible, but still loud enough to hear within earshot. The blonde stopping only momentarily as she looked up at her in shock. "Touch me more, Kim. I want more. More."

The bodacious blonde was now hovering over her, whispering, "I thought you'd never ask."

She smiled devilishly, Jen then feeling the weight from the blonde disappear as she got off of her, confusing the slender brunette at first, of course, but soon getting the picture as she made a beeline for her jean shorts and that of her cloth belt; feeling the clip of her navy blue belt with the palm of her hand slowly before hastily undoing it and throwing it away without a care in the world.

Kim's smile widening even more as she undid Jen's cloth belt, having finally been given permission to touch the girl of her dreams by the girl of her dreams was like a dream come true, as corny as that may sound to some but she didn't care. It was the truth! This was what she had been waiting for all night. And she wasn't going to hold back, at least not anymore. As if she hadn't already been going all in, anyway. But now she didn't have to worry about scaring the poor girl off.

She could do whatever the hell she liked to do to the slender brunette.

And she was going to make the most of tonight.

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