it takes three seconds to figure out

that you're trapped.

your fingers glide across the surface of the board and



move something, you have to get out of this

tick tick goes the clock.

you're not nervous, you're not nervous

(he's looking smug and

you know how to play him

he doesn't know anything about you

you can do this, you know it)


—you move a piece

a car speeding down the highway

crash through the railing—

(you survive.)

(he doesn't look quite as smug now.)

it's almost midnight and the bells are ready to strike and clap against your ears

"i'll be back tomorrow."


you were almost at checkmate.

a/n: if you don't know me, chances you will not get the parody aspect of this. that's okay, because it's meant to be readable for others as well. i just need to publish something, y'know?