As soon as I stepped out of the mansion home of Walter Jonathan Brosnan, I turned around and watched those guys from the county morgue wheel the dead corpse of his wife Evelyn over to the ambulance which made me shake my head and ask myself, "What made him do that to her? They seemed so happy together."

That was before I went over to the one police car that had Walter sitting inside with a pair of handcuffs on and opened the passengers side rear door just in time for that guy to look at me with those sad puppy dog eyes and ask, "Do I need a lawyer?"

"Yes, Walter. You do. It really looks bad for you right now.", was what I said to Walter before he sat up and yelled, "NO! I REALLY DID NOT KILL MY DARLING EVELYN! IT WAS OUR GARDENER WILHELM WITH THOSE FANGS OF HIS!"

And after I got him to calm down and asked him about what he said, Walter told me about seeing his wife slowly walking towards the pool house with only a bathrobe on and sliding that robe off before she joined Wilhelm inside the pool house.

That made him step out of the main house and march right over to the pool house to confront Evelyn and her lover.

But when he opened the door, Walter was shocked to see Wilhelm sucking the blood out of the dead corpse that was his wife before Wilhelm looked at Walter with a smile on his lips and flew away.

And after Walter told me that story and had been taken away, a rookie police officer walked over to me and said, "If you were to ask me, Detective. He really is bucking for one hell of a psychological defense."