It was while I was on this Greyhound bus to Los Angeles that I kept on hearing the voice of my own father yelling, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU LAZY BUM!", because he got so ticked off when I told him that only a loser would keep on working at a steel mill for the rest of his life.

Anyway, as soon as the bus stopped, I got out and looked around at the one city where I had decided to start my new life in by becoming what guys with dreams like mine become which happens to be a big star in Hollywood.

But no matter how hard I tried to make that dream come true, I kept on getting the door slammed in my face and I was almost ready to call it quits only to have myself bump into this beautiful woman with brown hair and eyes and tell her about why I came to Los Angeles.

I guess she felt sorry for me because she invited me to stay at her place for a little bit and I was unable to refuse that invite.

And at first, we were living in that apartment like we were two good friends and nothing more than that.

But that was before I got done taking a shower and stepped out of the bathroom to see my newfound roommate leaning naked on the living room sofa, smiling at me and asking, "Are you ready to have your breakfast now?"

And after we got done with banging each other silly, I looked at the computer and saw that the light on the little camera was on before she told me about this website that she was doing and how much she was getting paid for doing it which was awesome!