"What's wrong with him!?" A female's voice echoed though out the halls of the hospital. A cry of pain and worry. A man's voice followed, hushing the female before she let out another loud cry of pain. Another female voice could be heard shortly after the cry of pain, hushing her softly

"Just relax...the baby will be fine...you just need to push and get him out" The female exclaimed. More screams followed shortly after as the young female pushed, and pushed, desperate to get her trapped unborn son out of her. The midwife nodded to signal to the mother that her unborn son was now free, but more problems followed, the mother was now bleeding heavily.

Finally, with a final push, the baby slid out of his mother and began to cry, this caused the mother to smile weakly, she was exhausted, but the father just stared down at the child that was lifted into the mothers arms. She smiled down at her beautiful baby boy, cradling him softly. The little baby didn't take too long to stop crying, feeling his mothers heat and hearing her heart beat calmed him. He opened his mouth and connected to her areola and began to suck it softly in need of milk from his mother.

The mother did everything she could to fend for her baby boy, Jack; even after she had fallen pregnant once again. She was glad that her first born child had grown up to follow her lifestyle more than his father and was worried she wouldn't be as lucky with her second child. However; the birth of her new baby boy happened without any problems, which caused the oldest to be neglected by his father even more than he already was.

16 years didn't take too long to pass, Jack and his little brother Alex where close, but the neglect Jack received from his father failed to disappear. It soon became close to Jack's 16th birthday, 14th of April. The forest Jack strolled down was dark, quiet and peaceful, a perfect walk for what seemed like the perfect couple. Jack held the hand of a beautiful blonde haired female as he walked. They walked in silence, but smiles on their faces, just enjoying each others company. It wasn't long before their silence was cut off however. A large growl emitting from deep within the forest. They stopped. Dead.

"Jack...did you just hear that...?" The blonde female spoke, shivering softly, looking around at her surroundings, trying to figure out where the growl had came from. Jack took hold of her shoulders before kissing her softly, attempting to calm her down. "Relax Emma...I'm sure it was nothing, just head home and I'll be right behind you." Jack smiled as he spoke, reassuring her as much as he could. Emma nodded, kissing him again before she followed the path back, looking back as she had her worries about leaving Jack behind.

Jack watched Emma go before he followed the path further into the forest to investigate, reports of a strange growl had been heard around the forest, because of this, the forest became a place not many people dared to enter. Jack looked around at his surroundings as he continued to walk deeper in, making sure he looked behind anything he passed. Jack stopped in his tracks as he spotted a cave hidden among grass and trees. He slowly headed over to the cave, taking a peek inside of it before spotting a shadow that looked like a slow moving lump. Jack stepped in slowly and followed the silhouette till he came face to face with a red coloured wolf; it's piercing yellow eyes staring at him.

Seconds ticked by, nether had moved, Jack was in shock and was too scared to move. His eyes where wide, he didn't want to blink or move an inch, he wanted to watch it. The wolf stepped forwards, in return, Jack stepped back, wanting to keep distance between him and the strange wolf in front of him. Jack took a deep breath before he decided he'd make a run for it. Stepping back again, slowly, Jack took a second before turning and making a dash for it.

"Wait!" An unfamiliar female voice rang through Jack's ears, causing him to stop dead in his tracks and turn. SLASH! The sound echoed through out the cave before it was replaced by a thud. Blood painted the walls, ceiling and floor. The wolf licked the male's face before whimpering and diving out the cave. The last thing he saw was what seemed like the wolf turning into a shadowed figure as it left the cave before everything around the male went black.