A bell rang through the ship causing the passengers to awake. Michelle slowly opened her eyes, yawning softly as she sat herself up, stretching before she swung her legs around and climbed out of bed. She stretched once more before pulling her clothes on, heading out into the hall way.

Michelle headed down the corridor, only to be shoved to the floor. A laugh came from behind Michelle, who pushed herself up, turning to the pusher. Izzy grinned down at her, waving towards her.

"Mind your step!" She laughed once again before holding her hand out for Michelle to take. She took it and stood, looking at her with a small huff. Michelle pouted, crossing her arms as she turned her back on Izzy, beginning to head back down the corridor. Izzy laughed as she followed closely behind, poking her in the back as she walked., grinning as Michelle continue to walk, ignoring the pokes in her back.

Michelle came to an instant halt suddenly, her face beginning to turn red. Izzy stepped beside her, looking at her before looking up, a small smirk sliding onto her face. She stood herself straight, being taller than Michelle, she lifted her hand up, waving towards the brown haired male that was stood a little way away from the pair.


Michelle's face went red as she squeaked a little, trying to get Izzy's hand down before spotting Jayden heading their way. Michelle squeaked and sunk down a little as Jayden stopped in front of them, smiling towards them.

"How can I help?" Jayden spoke softly looking at the pair. Izzy grinned as she placed her hands onto her hip, flicking her plate behind her shoulder once again. "Michelle was just wondering what's on the agenda for tomorrow ~" Izzy grinned as she stepped to the side, giving Jayden a clear view of the shy Michelle.

"Ohh? Well, we're not close to any planet yet, so your free to do what you want at the moment" Jayden grinned softly, running his fingers through his hair as he spoke, his bangs moved slightly away from his green eyes. Michelle blushed, nodding softly, biting her lip and beginning to play with her hair a little. "Y-yeah...t-thanks."

Jayden nodded, smiling as he waved at her, heading off down the corridor. Michelle turned, pouting before punching Izzy in the arm, giving her a rather cute glare. Izzy laughed as she flicked Michelle's nose, sticking her tongue out as she headed down the corridor to feed her growling stomach.

Michelle sat herself down at a table, smiling at Josie who was already sat down, eating away at her breakfast. "Took your time, I was wondering if you both missed the breakfast bell" She gave a small giggle. Michelle huffed again, beginning to eat her breakfast, still ignoring Izzy who poked her now and then.

Michelle ate another bit, looking up, spotting a table in front of them, one of the people on the table stared at an empty seat, she looked really confused about something. Michelle stood from her seating, heading over to the table, sitting in the spare chair, looking at the female.

"You look confused or worried, what's the matter?" Michelle asked softly, hoping she wasn't intruding.

The girl looked at before giving off a small sigh, nodding her head. "My brother...he's a light sleeper so he wouldn't of missed the bell...but...he's not here." She spoke, a clear hint of worry in her voice. Michelle nodded as she looked around, wondering if she could spot him.

"Maybe he already ate?" Michelle spoke, looking at the girl, wondering if that was the case instead. She shook her head, looking at her watch, biting her lip "He's very strict with his time...every morning at 9am, he'll eat breakfast..." She spoke before showing Michelle her watch, 9:30am. "He NEVER goes of schedule...ever." She spoke, shivering as she stood. "Thanks for your concern" she almost ran out of the canteen.

Michelle sighed as she stood and headed back over to her original table, sitting with her friends again, who apparently, where too busy in gossip to notice her missing.

Michelle took a while, standing, saying goodbye to the girls and headed off, heading out the canteen and headed towards the library. Stretching, Michelle came to an instant halt as she heard a faint scream. Michelle ran towards the sound before stopping when the screaming stopped. Michelle panted a little as she looked around, she wound up back in the corridor with the two guards. Michelle looked at them, shivering as she headed over to them.

"Did you two just hear that scream? Why are you still standing here?" Michelle spoke in a frantic motion, shivering as she was really worried with what's going on. They looked at each other before looking back at her, shaking their heads.

"We have no idea what you are talking about" One of them spoke.

"It was loud! It came from this way! I heard it!"

They both shook their heads, before beginning to stand probably at their posts. Michelle shivered as she stood there for a few minutes, really confused as to what just happened.

"I'm being serious! There was a scream!" Michelle shivered, really wanting them to go cheek things out.

"There wasn't anything. No go back to your room." One of them men spoke, giving her a small glare. Michelle shivered as she hesitated a few seconds before heading away from them, shivering, cuddling herself, getting a very cold vibe from them.