Screaming. Shouting. Cries of agony where all that echoed in the room. What looked like an Imp was having her horns removed from her head with a saw. She was still wide awake, no injection to ease the pain. Nothing.

A woman was on the table next to the Imp, out cold due to some drug she was given. The cat like female doing all this, stood, taking one of the horns over to the female, pulling out a needle. The Imp thrashed around in agony, attempting to get herself free.

The cat liked female glanced up towards a glass window, behind it harbouring two males. One was tall, red, his horns larger than most, his smirk showing his large sharp fangs, claws sharp as razors and to top it all off, he held the most largest red eyes going. No white, no iris, no other colour, just red.

The other male was small, hidden underneath a hood, the only thing really seen about him where the two small fangs that poked out of his mouth and his, five times larger than him, cloak he was wearing.

The red male laughed as he turned, looking at the young male on the chair behind him. "You should stop hiding, this village will respect you more with what you are on show."

The young boy shook his head, his head stayed down the whole time, his eyes never visable. "No. You just want the village to see me as another you. I'm sorry father, but I'm not you. Never will be."

The red male gave a glare towards his son, but he just looked away, looking back through the glass, licking his lips, pressing the button on the intercom. "Kira, when your done, kill the Imp without causing to much mess this time" Kira gave a nod to this command, finishing up with sowing the horns onto the out cold female.

The young male stood, letting out a sigh, catching his fathers attention. "What is it son?" The young male finally looked up towards his father, the extremely unique eyes stared at him. Stars, bright blue stars with lilac sclera. They obviously weren't human eyes.

"I'm leaving. You know my feelings towards this. I don't even know why you brought me here today." He spoke bitterly before he heard the door open. He looked up before the colour in his face drained.

"Your here because we found something that will be good for you to have." His father spoke, smirking slightly "We caught a baby dragon. And it's spine would fit perfectly in your spines place."

His smirk widened as he walked away, the large doctor grabbed the boy, who was still in shock by this sudden event. His body was numb, he barely noticed himself be dragged into another operating room.

The tears hit the floor as he was laid down onto a table, he looked up at the glass window, practically pleading with his eyes, knowing his father could see him through that glass. He looked to his side and looked at the young dragon, sleeping peacefully beside him, feeling horrible knowing that the dragon wasn't going to wake up from this.

He flinched and whimpered as he felt a needle slide into his arm, he watched the liquid poor into him, shivering as he looked up at the glass again, glaring this time. Mouthing the words "I will never forgive you for this." His father promised he wouldn't hurt him any more. And he lied. He stared at the glass before his eyes closed, his surrounding world becoming black.