A/n: Hi guys, this is mystic20writer. And for this fanfic, I'm gonna warn you guys. This is my first time writing a lemon fanfic. I think, purely, not just a fic with occasional sex.

I'm new with this genre because as my friend advised try leaving your comfort zone. Anyway, this fiction was intentionally to be a *oneshot*, however if the story looks promising I may continue this. And that is depending on the readers and reviews. :)

Without further ado. Here it is:

Subway Love Story

"All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways." ~ life of Pi

I was never been labelled as naughty. Maybe desperate but not naughty.

I don't know what push me to do this. Is it because I'm now already 24 years old or because I'm curious about the orgasm concept caused by other than through sex or because I'm actually feeling adventurous tonight or what not.. So many reasons to list down but none I think is the possible answer for this madness.

Okay so here I am riding the train at past 8 in the evening, moreover almost 9 pm. This was the second to the last train. And surprisingly, the train is still packed. It is a good thing that it is Friday night since many are going home.

So what am I doing in this train other than going home?

Well let me tell you a secret. I'm secretly wishing that someone grope me.





My god! I know, it's somewhat peculiar. I can't say disturbing since I believe that others were fantasizing like me too but I don't know what urges me to do this.

However, I'm not really dressed into something that is really shouting "I'm asking for it!" I just dressed differently compared to my usual clothing. My friends maybe were widening their eyes if they saw me with my attire.

My attire was just simple. Some would say normal but for those people who knew me or somewhat knew me would have their jaws dropped as of the moment.

I'm just wearing a skirt and a very very fitted blouse. The length of my skirt can't sent me to jail since it's not what you can call a mini-skirt since it is somewhat longer but shorter than the normal. It's navy blue but because of the packed train it can't be distinguished.

The blouse on the other hand is more of a threat than the skirt. It is fitted to the point that my breast looked bigger. Yes I admitted that my breasts aren't big like those but I think they are fine. I am fine with them PERIOD.

Anyway, here I am, wishing secretly that I can experience the concept of orgasm.

Don't get me wrong. I know orgasm. I read about those. I watched about those. I know how to acquire orgasm but I don't know the feeling of orgasm. That is what makes me do this on the first place. There, now there's a reason for this madness.

Anyway, so here I am waiting. I have enough time since my ride took almost 2 hours.

I was somewhat excited at first because what I'm doing is somewhat unacceptable in our principles. My family's principles I mean. But here I am throwing everything to the window.

So I waited if someone has the guts and has the intuition that I want to be groped.

30 minutes had passed and the train was becoming more packed as ever and there's still no sign of someone groping. Of course, if it's an old man. I'm definitely screaming and defending my right as a woman. I'm sorry but even if it's my first time to be groped I want that someone to be cute or has the same age as mine or close.

And so 45 minutes had already passed and there's still none but the train was becoming more packed as ever and I tried my best to stay near the door so that I could get off easily when I felt someone's hand on my right thigh.

At the first contact, I acted upon my instinct and that was to look behind who did that but when I turned around I saw no one looking at me. Of course, I knew that one shouldn't be too obvious if you're trying to grope someone. So I practically ignored it. And of course deep inside, I was thrilled and wishing that the guy groping me would be somewhat cute.

After a few minutes, the stroking started again but this time he continued it without taking a break and I let him. And sooner or later it was becoming good, turning me on slightly.

I'm not clueless to what is happening between a man and a woman since I'm not a virgin as well. Just because I looked like a nerd doesn't mean I couldn't snag a man. Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to say. Yeah I looked like a nerd. I wore glasses, the ones with the big frames. And I usually braid my hair when coming for work. But during college, I wasn't exactly the nerdy type. In fact, I wore contact lenses instead of glasses and wore clothes like mini skirt some of the times. What made me change myself? Well, my ex. The one who I gave away my virginity. The reason? It's the typical I got dumped. I'll share my story next time. However, I actually had forgiven that bastard for dumping me. It's like a hit and run situation, wherein after he had a good bang on me, he ran away. That simple. But I already forgave him as I said. I still wore this look because I got used to and I still have the silly thought that only my true love can see past through every layer I put up.

Okay so, we're getting farther away from the real deal here. But as of the moment, the guy was still rubbing my thighs now more fervently and was rubbing it higher and highe.. and I bit back a moan. Damn, he rubbed my inner thighs. I thought he was going to rub up until my panty but I was wrong. He was teasing me.

So he continued to rub my inner thigh he would rub it up until he was almost near my panty and then slid back again, way pass my skirt. Damn. He was a tease and turning me on. I was biting back my moans every time I could feel that he was so close and then he retreated back.

My breathing was quickening as well as my heartbeat. I leaned back to the rail near the exit door for the support when suddenly his hand started roaming again upward. I was sure that he was going to do that again, tease me, and that was where I was wrong.

Damn. I couldn't bit back my moan, when he started stroking my panty. Luckily, I covered my mouth right away.

There was friction. Friction. Friction. Ugh, I wanted to pant but I couldn't openly pant since I'm in a public place. Instead, my breathing was quickening more. He continued to stroke. Just stroke and I'm controlling myself not to moan loudly.

I'm anticipating his every move. My head was running over-drive as of the moment. Anticipating when will he insert that damned finger of his to my heated core. I can feel that I'm beginning to wet myself, and I'm sure that he noticed that too.

I wanted to lean by door since I think this madness was starting to exhaust my mind because of anticipation. And thankfully, the mass pushed us near the doors. For a few minutes, he stopped stroking me maybe because he had felt that the people were moving and pushing us near the door, and then suddenly he insert a finger inside while we were being pushed. Because of what he did, I almost cum and moan loudly thankfully, I bit my finger for making a noise. Maybe there was still a sound made but it sounded more likely a grunt rather than a moan of pleasure.

I could feel his smirk behind me, but I still don't want to know yet my invader. The only thing I was sure of was, he wasn't an old pervert guy since his hands were wrinkles-free. They were calloused and firm yet young if that's the word appropriate to describe his wonderful hands.

After a few minutes, he started to add another finger but still the pacing is agonizingly slow. Ughhhh. Oh my gooooddd. And another finger, which jolted me back and rolling my eyes upwardly. Ughhh.. Heaveennn... And once again another, the middle finger I think... oh woooww..

Of course, because of his ministrations, I couldn't help that my body was acting upon it. I could feel my breasts and mostly my hips trying to ride his 3 fingers.

I felt his other hand settled on my hips as he neared to me and because of the train's motion, he had pushed me to the windows and there I felt his erection behind me. When I opened my eyes to finally catch my invader's reflection in the window, I couldn't see him clearly because of the reflected lights but that still gave me how close we were in our position. Very close might I add.

And then I heard the train's attendant, and realized that my stop would be the next destination. Oh goooood, we really need to finish this adventure fast or I would be left unsatisfied and I don't know how to finish the job by myself.

Yeah. I know. I don't know how to masturbate. I had seen one. I read one but I didn't try to apply what I heard, watched, or read to my satisfaction. Well, I actually tried but I stopped the moment I tried to insert my finger. I felt so wrong and didn't try it again. So I don't have any idea of how to relieve myself if we had to stop before I reach my peek.

However, this shouldn't be a problem to me, since aaaaaah... ughhhh.. small pants were starting to come from my mouth and my chest was heaving very big. What was I saying? Oh yeah not a problem since... Ughh.. another pant and another rub from him again but he was now rubbing my butt with his junior.

Okay, so he was really good since he was robbing my thoughts. And I couldn't comprehend anymore. As I was saying, that wouldn't be a problem anymore since he was quickening his pace with his fingers and his junior was rubbing my behind fervently, if I may say so.

More small pants...

More movements from my hip...

More rubbing of his to my back...

His pace was more quickening and then suddenly I could feel my insides clenching and I knew that he was feeling that too as well.

And then I shattered.

Whoever my stranger was, he was gifted with very skilled hands. Very

I tried to lean to the doors but the doors weren't enough to hold me from slipping because of what we did. Thankfully, the stranger's arm snaked around my waist to hold me up. Both of us were panting. I don't care if someone had noticed us and had deduced from our panting what we did.

I could feel his breath in my ear and suddenly he whispered, "I hope, you're not usually like this Ms. Realdon when riding the train".

Each word he said was like nibbling my ear and again started to stir my libido. But at the same time, I knew that voice anywhere. That silky, cocky voice.

And suddenly, I was right. At the reflection in the door of the train, I could see it clearly the face of my arrogant boss, Mr. Grimsons.

And then I became aware of what we did, of where his hand was still in. Thankfully, we were in our stop and I literally jumped to get away from that sick bastard of a boss of mine.

I don't care if I would be burning my panty when I returned home. Or I would be scrubbing my whole body for hours later. I just wanted to erase every last drop of his touch on me. Every.

I think, my eyes were very wide and I looked like a deer caught in the headlights because I saw him chuckled which provoked me to glare at him and give him the finger.

Oh I don't care if anybody inside the train saw me doing the finger. There's only one man I addressed my reply and that man had the arrogance to LICK HIS FINGERS IN FRONT OF MEEEE!

Those fingers that were just pumping me and giving me the best ride ev—I did not just thought that!

And I turned around walked with the confidence that I could still muster. To hell my day tomorrow. I just need to go straight home.

I did not let that man to finger me. I did NOT just let that asshole bastard prick boss of mine to do that to me!

Apparently, I DID and I seemed to enj—I'm not continuing this sentence PERIOD.

And the end. :) hope you guys have fun reading this story. And sorry for the mistakes, wrong grammar and all.

But anyway, what can you say? Is it worth it?

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