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And now, Chapter 5...

Subway Love Story

"You don't have to be naked to be sexy" ~ Nicole Kidman

Slater POV

Pant... Pant... Pant... This isn't happening. This isn... Pant... Pant... Pant... That's good!

I was panting due to pleasure. I could feel her small slick tongue wrapping the tip. And then she slowly slid her tongue at the sides to lick it fully. While licking my member from all sides, she wrapped her hand around my member and started to pump it.

Uuuuuuuuuughhhhh I didn't know she possess such slender soft hands. So soft like her skin was made of velvet material.

And I didn't know she had long sharp nails. Ughhhhh, I shivered as she traced the outline of my member. Without doubt, she knew how to give a blowjob. Who would have th—Urrghhhhh… That was unexpected she blew the head and then gave a light kiss. I was forced to open my eyes as she did that. I wasn't aware that I closed my eyes because of the pleasure.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I focused on the small mouth of hers. I still doubted if she could really take all of it in her mouth. I was not bragging, but really it would slightly disappoint me if she couldn't take it all, since she was really doing a great job up until now.

And then, as if reading my mind, she smiled—the one who looked like a cross between mischievousness and sexiness. I watched her wet her lips and then slowly took it bit by bit and then—OH WOW. I unconsciously closed my eyes and thought that I was in heaven.

For a few seconds, I thought she was settling herself into a more comfortable position before she continued giving me heavenly blowjobs.


I watched her outburst slowly sunk through her hot head. Witchika really was so easy to rile up in contrast to what her officemates viewed her as strict. Well honestly, they were somewhat correct, but the right term for that was level-headed. I meant, she knew how to keep her irritation for herself despite the difficulty of the situation.

But I thought, I should stop the joke for now. I would tease her later.

"Well, that's a bold offer." I smirked, but still continued. "But I don't think, it would relieve my stress."

And the look on her face was so priceless. She looked like surprised and somewhat offended. I couldn't help it. I teased her. I thought that maybe she misunderstood my reply from her reaction.

Really, these expressions of hers were really transparent.

I was perfectly sure she was thinking that I subtly told her that she couldn't give me a proper service.

I could see that she was breathing heavily, from the obvious rise and fall of her chest. Hmmm, her chest looks bigger in this situation.

Maybe a part of it was my fault, but I couldn't resist the urge to rile her up. So to add salt to injury, I smirked in a way that I knew irked her very well.





and 1.

"YOOUUUUU…" She said it in a low voice. And I knew that I really pushed all of her buttons. But what she did and said surprised me.

She suddenly leaned on my chair and slowly knelt. Her hands were slowly moving on my thighs and then she said with a voice full of intent to seduce that made me even shivered. (I never knew she could sound like that) "Prepare yourself, because you're going to experience one hell of a blowjob, my blowjob that is."

I shivered as she said that.

When she touched me through my pants, I just then realized that I was aroused and had an erection.

I saw the surprise on her face for a few seconds, but was quickly changed into seduction. "My, my, someone is too excited today."

"Well, because someone boasted she could give the best blowjob." I said cheekily.

She faltered a bit but then recovered quickly. "Well then, please brace yourself." And then she started the best ride on the mouth ever.

### PRESENT moment

Just by replaying what happened a while ago, hardened my hard cock more, as she continued to sex up with me through her mouth.

Pant… Pant… More pant…

I realized that my immobile hands had taken a hold of her head and was starting to massage her scalp because of the pleasure she was giving me.

I felt her moan vibrated through my cock, making me understand that she approved of my massages on her scalp.


And then I felt her pace quickened for my appreciation.

However, after a few more minutes I had this urge to quicken the pace more because I could feel that I'm going to cum…lots.

"I'm sorry but I'm..." I still held her head but I was also starting to quicken the pace as well. "almost there. Grunt."

And then I shot loads.

I started to open my eyes to take a look at the person who continuously surprises me and made bold offers.

… ( – . – ) à ( – . o ) à ( o . o ) à ( O . O )

And what I saw made me have another erection.

She. looked. SO. DAMN. S. E. X. Y.

I wanted to take her then.

…on the floor…

…on the table…

…on my chair...

And without doubt, I was having another erection.

Just picturing it excited me so much.

I slowly opened my eyes to check Witchika, though I could feel a hunger in my stare. Who wouldn't have? In front of me, Witchika was still kneeling on the floor but was slumped and her eyes were closed as if she was savouring the moment. I watched her swallowed my cum but there were still some left, dripping from her chin onto her blazer. She tried to block the cum from dripping onto her blouse by spooning it through her hands but to no avail, since I could still see some dripping on her blouse as well.

And that image of hers was forever etched on my mind. Damn hot.

I continued to watch her as she slowly opened her eyes and accidentally (or purposely on my part) met mine. I watched her big emerald eyes widened despite her big framed glasses. And then she quickly stood up and backed away little.

Right move.

I won't lie. As of the moment, I really wanted to take her in as many possible ways there were. I didn't trust myself at the time since one movement from me or wrong move from her, I would pounce at her. And as a boss, that was not a good thing to do for my reputation.

She hastily tried to clean up herself, tried to wipe the cum on her (from the tissue on my table), comb her hair, and straighten her clothes. But no matter what she did, she looked like fresh from a blowjob service. And I knew that she realized that.

I could have offered her my restroom to make herself presentable but I knew it would only be an invitation to trouble since I'm sure I would seduce her and succeed on having my way with her in many ways.

And I couldn't afford that. And so I was thankful when she finally spoke,

"And since—" her voice was somewhat husky due to our activity, which made me moan inwardly. And I thought she also realized it. "And since, we are even now. I assume that you will honor your promise, yes?" Her voice was still somewhat off, but was better than her initial voice.

I only nodded since I didn't trust myself to speak at the moment.

And then she nodded back and spun quickly, and was heading to the door with her bag. But I couldn't help not to tease her at all so I spoke.

"Your hair, Ms. Realdon. A bit messy I think." Which made me earned a controlled blush on her office mask. I could really tell she wanted to say something but held back.

But what she did next make me want to grab her and ruffle her hair more.

She unbound her braid with a fast yank and tried to comb her hair through her left hand and said, "Thank you for pointing that out, good bye sir."

And then the door closed with a slight BAM.

I swore, I never viewed something like that as sexy, but what she did, HOT DAMN. That's sexy.

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