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Warning: This story contains violence, swearing, and bursts of badassery. Tread with caution.

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Lolly wasn't jealous. Her sister, Lirit, was only three years Lolly's senior. She was considered one of the chief choices for wifedom in their town. Lirit was calm, delicate, and reserved which was everything Lolly was not. She was a voluptuous blonde with radiant green eyes; Lolly was a stocky lass with hair like a cheese doodle and dull slate eyes. Lirit was wonderful at performing all tasks considered domestic whereas Lolly couldn't even make tea. Lolly was better at the chores meant for boys, such as chopping wood and assisting her father with his blacksmithing.

These differences made the two sisters stand out from one another, especially to their mother. Aileen was proud of her eldest daughter. To her, Lirit was perfect whereas Lolly lacked discipline. Throughout the girls' childhood Lirit would be praised and Lolly condemned. Even to this day such blatant favoritism still went on, though the two were now successful adults. Lolly was out on her own, making a living as a bartender at a high-end restaurant. Lirit was still living at home but soon was to be married. For this reason the two sisters were at the bank today. They were withdrawing money in order to buy a wedding dress.

Lolly was annoyed by the fact that her mother had used Lirit's occasion against her again. It was a splendid thing to be sure, but the woman didn't need to use it as an excuse to lecture Lolly about her love life and about the proper way to catch a good husband. She was tired of her mother's disapproval of her.

Yet Lolly knew she wouldn't change herself for Aileen. Lolly kind of liked the fact that she was different from her mother and sister. She kind of liked the fact that her father always wanted to bring her fishing and not Lirit. But most of all she liked that she had a spectacular secret. It was something that none of her family knew and would probably be beside themselves if they found out.

Lolly smiled to herself at the thought and then stretched. The waiting lines for the tellers were enormous. It would probably be another ten minutes before it was their turn. Sighing, Lolly turned to her sister. "Hey I'm going to use the washroom. I'll be back in a few."

Lirit blushed when her sister said that. Lolly had a tendency to speak loudly and so the people in their immediate vicinity had heard her as well. Didn't Lolly realize that saying something like that so openly was a tad crude? She watched Lolly disappear around the corner where the lavatories were. The way in which she carried herself suggested that if Lolly did realize she didn't much care. Lirit giggled to herself. Yes that was Lolly's way to be sure: headstrong and fearless with little regard to what others thought of her.

In the bathroom Lolly was taking her time washing her hands. She wanted to prolong the process in order to stave off going back into that horrid line. She didn't care for the shopping process and was regretting every second she had to waste in pursuit of anything related to said process. Deciding that she should stop playing in the water Lolly reluctantly turned off the tap and dried her hands. She was about to leave when she heard a loud racket coming from the lobby. Carefully she opened the door a smidgen to hear what the commotion was about.

"Get on the ground now!" someone shouted. "This is a stickup! If any of you move you'll get blasted to hell, you hear? PJ and Baby R, you two get the goods. Em, go check for other people in the building. Tin Man and Freebie, you stay with me."

Lolly didn't listen to the rest. She knew she needed to avoid detection from the robber called Em otherwise things would get difficult for her real quick. Thinking fast she climbed in one of the stalls and up on one of the toilets. This was the only real place she could hide herself in such a short amount of time. She just hoped that Em would just look for feet real quick instead of checking each individual stall.

To Lolly's relief that was exactly what the robber did. The woman hadn't even stayed in the room for more than four seconds before moving on. Lolly waited until the woman was no longer within hearing distance then slowly got off the toilet. Afterwards she carefully stripped off her day clothes in order to reveal a more formfitting outfit of dark green with a red clover on the front. Rummaging through her purse she found a matching mask and donned it. Transformation now complete, Lolly put her day clothes on the tank lid of the toilet and exited the stall.

At the end of the lavatory near the ceiling was a small window, barely large enough to fit a person. A normal person would have needed help reaching the window but it was child's play for Lolly. With ease she rose in the air and carefully opened the window. Once fully ajar, she slid her body through the hole and then closed it again incase someone were to come back in. Standing up she gave a sigh of relief; the hard part was over. Now it was time to kick some ass.

Lolly shot up into the air and landed on the roof. With light steps she ran towards the opposite side and surveyed the area below. There was a moving truck outside with its engine running and the back open. Lolly snorted; this was their getaway vehicle? She noticed there was someone sitting on the driver's side. It was a man who looked to be barely in his twenties. He had his eyes closed and was jamming to music coming from his headphones. Lolly snorted again; this was pathetic.

The rocker didn't know what hit him. Lolly incapacitated him in one blow. Carefully she dragged him out of the driver's seat and hauled him into the back of the truck. There she waited for the others to come out.

The truck was angled in such a way so that you couldn't see what was inside it. Although that was helpful when you're trying to hide money and don't want to risk a passerby taking notice, it also means that anyone coming up on the truck wouldn't see Lolly until it was too late. Lolly didn't have to wait long until the ensuing targets exited the bank.

There were two this time, both of which were females. One carried a gun while the other had a bag of loot. The two were chatting like high school girls; the gun-toting one wasn't even holding the gun properly! They were easy takedowns as well. Lolly put them beside the driver then pulled the door down and locked it. Now even if they were to come to they'd be unable to escape. With that done, Lolly set her eyes on the doors. This next part was sure to be intense.

No one was expecting a person to come flying through the glass doors. Such a stunt caught the robbers completely off guard. The woman in forest green with hair like a wildfire rushed the nearest assailant and relieved him of his gun with a chop to the forearm. He sunk to the ground after a hit to the back of the head, clearly unconscious.

The next one was ready for her. He aimed his gun at her and hollered, "Don't move or I'll shoot you!" He was distracted when the gun of the previous villain was whipped right at his head. The man managed to dodge the gun but didn't manage to do the same when he was kicked hard in the abdomen. He was sent flying into the opposite wall, down and out before he even reached the floor.

The last robber in the room was the leader of the group. Once the woman turned to him she found he had a gun pointed at a hostage's head. "You move and she dies," he crowed. To most he appeared calm and in control but the bead of sweat rolling down the right side of his face gave away his inner turmoil. The fiery redhead smirked before pulling a blacksmith's hammer from her belt. In a flash she chucked it at the man's hand causing him to swear when it connected. He quickly dropped the weapon as a result. She was on him in a second and gave him a bone crunching punch straight to his jaw. He was out cold in the blink of an eye.

At that time the remaining thief that was rummaging through the vault came strolling out. He had a smug look on his face that rapidly turn to pallid shock at the sight of the place. He gaped at the crusader of justice, his features resembling a fish face, as he stood speechless.

"I suggest you give up," the woman said. "Otherwise I will be forced to take assertive action against you." The man visibly swallowed, darting his eyes back and forth. It was obvious he was going to try and run.

The villain did just that after dropping the goods, bolting to the nearest exit with great speed. He didn't manage to get far before he was picked up by the front of his shirt and hoisted into the air. "Who the hell are you?"

The redhead grinned, resembling a ferocious feline on the prowl. "I am the Crimson Clover, and you just made a major mistake by trying to run." She punched him in his gut and it was lights out for the final bad guy. With all seven unconscious all that was left to do was for the police to arrive and haul them off to jail.

Lolly set the man down and began to leave, stopping at what was left of the front door. Not bothering to turn back she declared, "You'll need to call the police now. You should tie these idiots up with rope, or pantyhose, or something so they won't be a problem if they wake up. There are three more of these guys locked in the moving truck out back. They should still be knocked out but just in case they aren't wait for the police before opening it. Well… I'll leave you to it then."

With that said Lolly flew off into the air. She made sure to get out of seeing rang before circling back down onto the far end of the roof. Retracing her steps she carefully jumped down to where the bathroom window would be located. Hastily she reopened the window and climbed back in. She barely had time to put on all of her clothes and sprawl on the floor before her sister came storming in. Lolly hoped her sister bought her act.

"Lolly! Lolly wake up! Please wake up!" Lirit shouted straight into her ear. Ignoring the pain Lolly groaned slightly, acting as if her being shaken was making her come out it. After a few moments she opened her eyes and peered at her sister. She looked so distraught.

"Lirit? What's wrong?" With Lolly "awake" Lirit clung to her sister. She began telling Lolly all about the robbery and how a brave woman who called herself the Crimson Clover came and saved the day. Lolly played her role well and seemed genuinely disappointed that she was unable to see the Crimson Clover in action.

As the two of them left the washroom Lolly was certain that she had gotten away with it. Her sister believed she'd actually been knocked out and so her secret remained safe. They made it out just in time for the police to arrive on the scene. They gave their statements to the men in uniform and watched as the villains were hauled away in a whir of blue cars and flashing lights. After they all disappeared around the bend Lolly turned to her sister. "I think that we should probably skip dress shopping for today." Lirit nodded in agreement.

Lolly wasn't jealous. It was true that her mother favored Lirit while Lolly was never given any praise. It was also true that Lirit was considered stunning in every which way while Lolly remained the odd duck out. Still, Lolly was not jealous. After all she was special; she was a superhero.