Life one~ sorrowful seer

My power was more of a curse than a gift, to see who people really are with no control or ability to stop. Oh all the things I've seen... If I had a choice I'd give it away. But when the werewolf began to terrorize the town i thought that maybe, just maybe I could use my power to my advantage. But the fates seemed to take great pleasure in making things go wrong for me. My powers went on the fritz, making it so that I could only see a single someone's true self a day.

So I walked into town, the hood of my seer's cloak covering my eyes so I couldn't clearly see anyone, praying that the first person I saw was the one I was seeking. So I flicked off my hood and found the person I saw... Was the hypnotist.

Worthless as I usually am. I thought. Am I destined to do nothing right?

Overcome with sorrow I trudged my way through the rest of the day as a zombie. I didn't even put any thought into my vote like I usually did before slipping back home.


Night fell quickly, and as 11:59 hit I was still awake and praying, my defensive salt to keep spirits away laying out in front of me.

Please let no one in town be harmed tonight. I prayed, hearing as the forest moved around me but occasionally a grunt or growl was heard. I thought it was just my nerves playing tricks with my mind, so I ignored it. Suddenly something crashed through my window and pinned me to the floor with a growl and a fury of rough fur. It was the worst possible thing to of happened, it was the wolf.

No no no no, please no. The wolf is going to eat me alive!

I tried to move, to get away from the massive beast towering above me, but looking down I saw it's claws had dug right into my chest. Then the pain hit. I could live for centuries an never find the words to describe the pure agony I was feeling, but with how things were looking I doubted I'd see sunrise.

Sunrise...a new day, that was it!

Another wave of agony hitting me and causing me to scream in pain I pulled myself enough so that I could look the wolf in the eye, and as the clock hit midnight I grinned, feeling my body begin to shut down and blood bubbling up in my throat.

"I know who you are. *gargle choke.* I swear *gurrgle* that I'll haunt you until you get what you diserve. *Cough cough * And you will pay...Wolf..."