"Have you guys ever heard of... The headless horseman...?" A boy asked, no older than 10, standing with a group of boys around the same age. They were having a bonfire, roasting Marshmellows. The parents were over at another small fire, talking amongst themselves. They would occaisonally look at the boys, just to check and make sure they were alright.

"H-H-Headless horseman?!" The smallest of the five asked, eyes wide. He took the Marshmellow off the stick, eating it. After he was done with the first one, he put two more Marshmellow's on the stick and cooked them in the fire. "Is he... Headless?" He asked and he started to shiver.

The boy cackled, making a smore out of his. "Some say he replaced his head with a pumpkin!" He snickered. A few of the boys gasped. The oldest of them rolled his eyes, eating his smore in silence. "He roams around on Halloween night... searching for camps to ambush. They say he is jealous of anyone having a head!"

Those of the parents hearing the boy telling the story giggled, watching the kids. The boys surrounded the story teller, eyes wide. "They say if he catches you, he will cut off your head and use it as his own!" He snickered. He loved telling stories, watching the bewildered faces of the youngsters. He glanced over at Tom, the oldest of them and frowned. He never got scared of his stories, no matter how hard he did to make them scary. Maybe the older you get, the harder it is to scare them.

"He must use a lot of heads!" One of the boys gasped. The boys nodded their head in agreement, looking up at the story teller in awe. "He doesn't just use all of them!" The boy stated, eyes wide as he glanced up at the story teller again. "Does he?"

"Some say he chooses the head he wants to use and feeds the others to his horse!" The boys gasped, eyes wide with horror. The boy telling the story just laughed, falling to the ground from laughter.

"Lighten up, Travis!" The oldest mumbled with a roll of his eyes. He was eating his third smore and had been watching the scene quietly. "Leave the little ones alone, you big aloof."

"Oh come on! Get with the mood!" Travis grinned, his eyes sparkling with happiness. The little kids huddled against each other, frightened by Travis's story. Travis rolled his eyes. "It's just a story! I was only telling it to scare you!"

"Meanie!" One of the little ones grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. He tried to look menacing, but failed at the attempt. "You know most of us have nightmares!"

Travis chuckled, rolling his eyes. "Grow up. Not all stories you hear are true," He told the kids. They all mumbled to themselves, walking away from Travis.

"Now you've done it..." The oldest one muttered, sighing. "They hold a grudge."

"Shut up, Philip!" Travis snapped, eyes flaring with anger. He breathed in a deep breath, calming himself down like his mom taught him. He shook his head. He didn't care if they were mad at him, that means less of an annoyance.

It had gotten dark outside. They were getting into their sleeping bags when Travis heard a snap outside the tent. His eyes went wide and he sat up straight, glancing around. "G-guys?" He asked, his eyes blinking rapidly.

One of the boys yawned. "Just go to sleep Travis," he mumbled, snuggling into the sleeping bag.

Travis's heart raced as he kept hearing noises. He started to shiver from fright. "Travis, go to sleep!" Philip mumbled, annoyed. Was he still trying to scare the little kids? That was highly likely, and he was getting annoyed with it. "Leave it alone."

"I'm not playing!" Travis snapped. He snuggled into the sleeping bag, telling himself that it was nothing. He breathed in deeply to try and calm himself down. It was nothing, it was nothing.

He gradually got better the more he kept telling himself it was nothing. He closed his eyes once his heart race slowed down and breathed in deeply, going to sleep.

Something had bumped into the tent, waking one of the boys up. He grumbled. "Stop messing around, Travis!" He snapped, sitting up. Something bumped into the tent again, making the kid jump. Travis woke up, his eyes wide.

"What was that?" He asked, sitting up straight.

"I don't know, I thought it was you..." The boy mumbled, eyes wide as he glanced at Travis. The tent bumped again, waking more of the boys up. The tent kept rattling and the boys huddled together, frightened.

"Are you sure you're not doing anything to scare us, Travis?" One of the boys asked, glancing over at Travis. Travis just shook his head, eyes wide. His heart was racing a hundred miles a minute as he glanced at the beginning of the tent.

"Who wants to go out first...?" Philip asked, crouching low. The boys looked terrified, even Travis didn't want to go out first. Phlip sighed. "I am sure it is nothing," Philip stated, standing up.

The boys shivered as they watched Philip go outside. Their eyes wide as they waited for him to come back. It was a while before they heard anything... but than...

Philip screamed.

They're eyes went wide with fright as they also screamed. Travis stood up, racing outside. He saw something he thought he'd never see himself. He saw a man on a horse, but that wasn't what frightened him the most.

He was headless, and was holding a pumpkin. Travis's eyes got wide as he watched the Headless Horseman's horse rear up and race away.

His eyes were wide as he stood there frozen. He didn't hear as Philip walked behind him, tapping his shoulder. Travis jumped, whirling around as Philip laughed. "Dude, you look like you've seen a ghost!" Travis just nodded his head slightly, glancing at where he seen the Headless Horseman. The boys would never believe him if he told them, and he wouldn't blame them.

He knew he would have nightmares after this.

Just a Halloween short story. I hope you guys liked it! It was just something that I came up with, and loved the idea too much not to make a little sippet out of it.