In the pitch black of your room,

You lie there, in your bed, staring at the ceiling,

Listening to the sound of your fan

Wondering, what's missing, why

Why, do you feel so empty

You have everything you need and want

You have a great school

Wonderful friends

Cool electronics and other knickknacks,

A loving family, someone who,

Who would give up everything for you in a heartbeat

But as you lie there

You just feel empty

Even though you have everything you could ever need or want

All you truly want, all you truly need,

Is a hug

A hug from the person you loved most dearly in the world

The one person you will never see again

But of course this feeling is not new

You have woken up many a time feeling this way

So you just roll over and try to fall back a sleep

As you do a single tear makes its way down your cheek

And you fall in to a deep sleep, like you always do