There are bonds that cannot be broken and such is the link between us.

It's a warm feeling that never goes away ;

«I believe in you as you believe in me and I will never give in».

You gave me the strength to keep on fighting when the world seemed crumbling

And dear, I feel like falling when you're not the one holding me.

Sometimes I find myself whispering your name as I let my thoughts wander

And then I remember all those sunny days we got to spend together.

I am craving for the feeling of your bruning hands and bloody eyes on my skin

Echoing the fiery redness of a sin you wouldn't forgive in anyway.

I am drunk on this stinging feeling I get everytime you walk away,

I yearn for the sound of your muffled voice when I'm alone,

Overcome by the bitterness of seeing you swiftly going undone.

I've been looking for you down the most tortuous path of hell,

To discover the origins of murder, those sickening tales of horror

In order to fathom the whole depths of your despair

Only to realize that nothing compares to the feeling

Of knowing that I let you roam far too ahead on the way of hatred.

Lost within the mist of your own madness, I will rest where you lay

And call out the name that sealed your fate on a tragic day.