She is my best friend,

the girl I tell everything to.

It's only been three years,

but it feels like forever.

She is my other half,

one who can complete my thoughts.

She is considerate,

and gives me space when I need it.

She is my sister,

the one I never had.

We may not look alike,

but we have a sibling's bond.

She is my adviser,

the one who calls me out on my bullshit,

the one who I go to for problems.

Her advice has helped me so much.

She is my favorite writer,

although she doubts her skills.

Whenever I'm feeling down,

her beautiful stories make me smile.

She is the best artist,

even though she doubts that too.

She doesn't draw much,

but when she does it's great.

She is my best friend,

but she is so much more than that.

I hope she knows this,

and I hope she sees this too.

Thank you for all the great years.

I hope we have many more.