Dreams of the Descendant


14th March 2008

Holiday Inn, City Centre, Plymouth

His rough, large hands were clammy against my skin as he gripped on to my small waist with a harsh hold, whilst his chest rose and fell beneath my finger tips, which were placed firmly on his matted chest hair. The sweet scent of him filled the air around us as I lifted myself up and thrusted down in the same moment, the rhythm began causing a familiar sensation. I could hear his breathing as it was hard, his breaths were short and fast as his lungs gulped in the air and then forced it swiftly out. His eyes began rolling beneath his lashes at the sheer force of the moment.

My hips grinded against his, whilst a weak moan attempted to erupt from my mouth and my tongue struggled to wrap around the sound, my temperature began rising beneath the endless layers of my skin. My heart vibrating beneath my chest, barely meeting the same rhythm of his, until the sweet hungry feeling began to vibrate through my body, as it clung to every inch of the obsessive hunger. My hips began to pick up pace whilst he met each one in return, until I could hear the faint sound of his heart slowing. I threw my head back allowing the length of my thick ebony hair to tickle the base of my back, the curls falling around my face as I dragged my head forwards, catching sight of his eyes the feeling began to fill every inch of my body.

In a split second I began to pick the pace up, his skin slick with sweat and the tips of his hair was plastered to the sides of his face, I could hear the moans becoming faint his breath slowing, whilst his heart dipped. I continued to the rhythm, the pleasure sending sparks around every inch of my body until it began to develop; it began to swim through my veins.


His breathing became almost impossible to hear and I could feel his lungs slowly deflate beneath my hands which lay firmly on his chest, his heart was at a near end and soon enough the faint sound of his ribs cracking beneath my hands began to fill the air, the rich iron scent of his blood consuming the air, I continued the beautiful rhythm until finally his skin began to cling to every inch of his frame which slowly shrivelled beneath my hands, the feeling filling me with a warm sense so rich I felt alive, as I reached my climax my head was thrown back in sheer force of the pleasure I cried out the final powerful moan. I caught sight of the tiniest dribble of blood to fall from the corner of mouth as it began to trickle down the side of his cheek I placed my finger in the way of its path, slowly catching it on my finger tip, in one swift movement I lifted it to my lips and placed it on the tip of my tongue, embracing the rich taste that now lay across my tongue. I swallowed the taste of his life, before I lifted myself from the shrivelled corpse that now lay beneath me, his eyes had sunk deep within his skull, and his cheeks drained of the life they once clung to.

I took the moment to enjoy the sight, his frame was thin and lifeless a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. My eyes alight with vibrant new life, I took each step slowly enjoying the moment, embracing the sensation.

Hooking my bra at my back I slowly thread my arms through the straps and lifted them delicately to my shoulders, placing them down with such grace it felt impossibly gentle. My hands clung to the lace panties that had been thrown to the floor in haste, my eyes slowly picking out the other pieces of my once perfect outfit, as I pulled every single one on, I felt warm through and through, the power surging through my veins in a speed that was impossible to imagine. The sensation was pulsing beneath the surface of my fair skin, the tingling causing a blush to fill the tips of my cheeks.

Once I laced up the last stiletto heel I lifted my bag onto my shoulder and grabbed the keys to the room, my eyes drifted to his beautiful dead corpse, as I closed the door firmly behind myself I embraced the cold air that drifted through the corridor of the hotel. The lighting was welcoming, almost a smouldering warmth. My feet soon led me in the direction of the reception, once I caught sight of the receptionist I simply placed the keys in front of her along with the money to the room, without I word I turned away, my eyes set on the exit.

The air was bitter as it wrapped itself around my dainty frame, the bitter-sweet smell of the city floated thickly in the air. As my strides were long and powerful they led me in the direction of the city centre, alive with energy and boisterous people. I could feel the weight of my hair as it swung around my face and shoulders the natural curls framing the shape of my face, my eyes icy-blue bright with life, as my feet powered onwards I was finally met with the main crossing, the crossing which led to the city centre. The scent of the air was sweet, too sweet, until finally it clicked in place, she was near.

My head twisted in the direction of the smell, yet before my eyes landed on her frame her laugh floated through the air with such power, it was a glorious sound to behold. Once my eyes caught sight of her I found myself almost stopping to stare. Her face was heart-shaped and framed by her thick untamed hair, she had potential, it was carved into every inch of her face, and she was going to be a magnificent woman when she hits her prime. Yet, now she was tainted with small spots scattered across her chin as the teenage years grasped hold of her tightly, her eyebrows bushy yet plucked wildly, the hairs racing in every other direction, but it was the faint scattering of freckles that covered her face that fascinated me, she was so human looking.

Once I caught sight of her my eyes were furiously glancing around in search of him, and there he was merely metres away a couple of friends surrounding him. His eyes were frantically following her as she manoeuvred around the sidewalk with her friends; he was her protector, guardian. Already his presence was noticeable; it would only grow stronger as time drifted by.

I tore myself away from the my true destination and powered towards her, my eyes desperate to soak in every inch of her, her the one who was destined for great things, incredible things that one could only imagine, she'd be the death of me and many others, yet I was fascinated.

As I pushed myself harder in her direction she soon caught sight of me, I took my moment as I powered forwards and brushed past her taking every inch of her in, and once I was past her and storming forwards I felt her eyes focus on me for a moment and it felt like a lifetime in my mind. Perhaps she knew, perhaps she knew of the disasters to come.

Her dear little frame, it was barely ready for the events that were merely years away from unfolding, she was the descendant.