Dreams of the Descendant

Chapter 06 – Darkness

10th April 2013

City Centre, Plymouth


My steps sounded quiet amongst the hustle and bustle of town, my companion keeping her eyes forwards, watching carefully for oncoming people. Words had avoided my lips for what seemed like hours, I could see my companion watching me closely from the corner of her eyes. A look of worry began carving itself deeper into her skinny features.

"Are you okay? Cast, you haven't really said much for a while," I could hear the worry in her words, and I knew I had to talk but the moment my lips parted, silence formed. I tried to smile softly at her, a sign of how fine, I actually was. But, the movement was all wrong. Her eyes saw through it. I could see her extending her arm out, stopping me in my path.

"Come on Cast, you have to talk to me. Isn't there anything I can do to take your mind off Iris?" The moment Iris's name left her lips I froze, my joints stiffening with fear. My eyes dropped to the floor, allowing the noise of the town to fill my mind, blocking out the image of her dead body.

"Cast," The faint feel of her hands brushing the length of my arm suddenly caught my attention, a simple comfort that had distracted my mind unbelievably quickly.

"I'm sorry April; I don't know what's happened. I just feel freaked out," I lifted my head to catch her eyes, having to lift my head up higher. April towered over me by a few too many inches, her smouldering dark black and purple hair was tamed in a loose plait. Her look screamed serious yet her eyes screamed concern.

"You have every right to be, it's not every day that someone see's a dead body. Look, we'll go get a Starbucks and then we'll have a nose around the mall. How does that sound?" I smiled fondly at her words, knowing full well that was exactly what I needed.

"That sounds good, but you can buy. I bought them last time," The faint trace of a smirk brushed her lips, and then we continued our walk towards Starbucks, which was buried inside of Drakes Circus. One of April's quirky habits was her speed, walking alongside her was basically jogging. My shorter legs strained at the pace she held herself at, whilst I pulled pained faces to the side.

"Do you always have to walk so fast?" A soft laugh brushing through her lips caused me to smile in response to the deep pain that was coursing through my calf muscles.

"I can't help it, I like to stay fit." Hysterical laughter soon forced its way through my throat causing April to stare, her eyes filled with wonder. I could see her slowing beside me, until finally she stopped. The line of her mouth telling me she was truly curious.

"What's the laugh for?" I stopped beside her my eyes filled with the same humour, until finally the smile formed and the words passed my lips.

"What exactly did you eat for breakfast this morning?" The turn of her head, and the fall of her eyes told me everything I needed to know.

"Exactly, and what was it this time KFC or Domino's?" As we began to slowly walk again I could see her face widen with the size of her grin.

"Domino's, but I am telling you now. It was worth every single bite." Shaking my head, I knew this was her typical attitude towards food. April was thin, but not your run-of-the-mill thin, she was size 6, curvy and extremely hungry. There were a rare few moments throughout the day where you would find her not stuffing her face, and these times she usually spent with me.

"Do you fancy people watching, I really can't be bothered to walk around now," The queue was moving painfully slow, whilst the staff rushed behind the small counter in Starbucks. The room was eerily cold as usual, and the chatter almost silent amongst the customers.

"Yeah, sounds good to me. Shall we go to our usual spot?" With a swift nod April was happy with my response, her eyes watching the menu which hung above the counter. A twitch of her lips told me how desperate she was for this drink, a little quirk she'd picked up through her hunger.

My eyes quickly drifted around the room, picking out small individuals. Each person had the same strained face expression except one; she was tucked away in the corner of the room. Yet she didn't seem tucked away, her presence alone demanded attention. I could feel my eyes exploring the area around her; the flicker of her ebony hair moving around her face was beautiful.

She was beautiful, the line of her curves were obvious beneath her clingy clothes. The sight of her delicate position and the way she gracefully moved was hard to watch, my eyes looking away as she glanced in my direction. Finally my attention was brought back to April, who'd thankfully already ordered our drinks.

"Who were you watching?" The sound of April's voice brought me back again, my attention attempting to lock itself onto April.

"Oh no one, this woman sat in the corner over there, she's beautiful." I could feel my head longing to look at her, to twist once more in her beautiful direction.

"Really... I think I may know who you're on about. I saw her earlier today, just before I met you, she was sat outside. It was impossible not to notice how many guys were actually staring at her; you'd think she was a celebrity or something." The bite to her words spoke of the jealously that April was feeling, but I refused to notice it. Brushing it to one side, I waited alongside April as the staff moved swiftly behind the counter.

"Two Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuchino's?" Our hands launched forwards for the iced drinks, and soon enough we were walking through the open entrance to Starbucks. I could feel my eyes drifting in the direction of the woman once more, yet this time it was different. The way she stared at me as I walked past was enough to send chills through the length of my spine, my eyes tearing away from her piercing gaze.

For the briefest second I felt like she knew me.

The silence that swam between us was a comfort, as our eyes drifted across the endless amount of people who were strolling through the mall. The destination was different for each person. A sound of slurping was directly beside my ear, as I turned to face the noise, April's sarcastic smile was staring me down.

"Did you just see him?" The faint tug in my stomach muscles caused me to stare desperately around the mall floor, drifting from man to man. Until, finally the sight of him caused me to gasp.

"How on earth did you see him? I thought you didn't know what he looked like," Pulling me eyes back to April's face I could fell a scream buckle in my throat. Her face was torn, as her once sharp jaw now hung for its dear life by a thin shred of skin. Blood cascaded down the front of her throat and top, soaking every inch of her. The flushed white eyes caused me to turn away, my eyes filling with tears, afraid to fall. I watched, fear keeping me firmly in my place, until April's face distorted, her pained screams echoed through the depths of the mall. Yet, every person that walked by was oblivious.

"Save me." With staggering speed I pulled myself away from her pained ghastly face, her eyes filling with crimson tears.

"You have to save me." My feet lead me backwards causing me to smack into the glass banister that boarded the first floor.

"Stop it!" The scream was weak in comparison to hers, yet I couldn't hold it back until my eyes lifted. People were watching from the sidelines, their faces watching with amusement and fear. Eyes watched me intently until finally my eyes landed back on April; her face was flushed pink with embarrassment.

"Cast, what's wrong?" Lifting herself from the bench she steps forwards, yet her glossy white eyes looked strained. Her hand slowly extended out to touch me, yet the moment she was within reach, I flinched. Closing my eyes, I fiercely prayed, only to feel hands wrestle themselves around me, gripping at my shoulders locking me in a tight painful grip.

"Castalia, open your eyes. You're safe, Castalia open your eyes." The voice wasn't April's in fact I couldn't smell her perfume anymore, at the notice of her disappearance I caught sight of large glossy grey eyes.

"Castalia, are you okay?" I lifted my head finally taking in the person who was standing before me, their hands clasped lightly onto my upper arms. I could see them bending over to stare into my eyes, my height was average but now, I felt short.

"I'm fine, what happened? What happened to April?" I furiously looked around, everyone was walking past barely flickering a glance at us. Standing here with him was sending violent shivers down my spine; my eyes could barely lock with his. The very thought of being this close was sending me closer and closer to the edge.

"April is fine; she's just walking it off." At the sound of the words leavings his lips he stopped, locking them tightly together. The sight of his shoulders stiffening caused my curiosity to stir.

"Walking what off exactly?" My gaze became determined, watching the flicker of his dark iris's as he gazed nervously around us, however his stance was still firm.

"Don't worry; she'll back in a minute. Don't worry about her. Now are you okay?" His demanding and fierce tone caused me buckle in fear, his eyes demanded an answer that I couldn't possibly give.

Was I okay?

As the silence filled the air between us I caught sight of his hands, which were still firmly locked on my upper arms. His knuckles were white, showing the pain he was sending up through the depths of my arms.

"Sorry," As he finally caught on, his hands dropped, leaving a stinging sensation in its wake. I rubbed my arms mindlessly, trying to think over what had just happened. Why was he here?

"I'm fine; you honestly don't have to worry about me. I just thought I saw something, that's all, it's been a really strange day," I pulled myself upright and gazed once more around the large room until, I finally caught sight of April. Her eyes were filled with fear, yet her face stayed certain. She looked fine.

"Why has it been strange? What else has happened?" The faded traces of fear crossed his face in that brief moment, until his face hardened, hiding any trace of emotion.

"I don't know it's been a strange day. I mean, it's my birthday. Yet, my mother started crying for no reason and my neighbour died as well, she died at the age of 134. That woman could survive anything," I watched his face, hoping to see some form of understanding. Yet nothing came close to the emptiness that had filled his features. Did he ever hear me?

"She died, how did she die?" The fierce undertone that lies deep within his words took me by surprise; I could feel the hostility seeping out of him. It was soaking up the ground that surrounded us, the moment I felt the hostility I watched. My eyes focused on the thick disgusting black liquid falling from the top of his head along the length of his body, as it gradually spilled across the floor. The liquid began sticking to the edges of my vans, my eyes watering at the very sight of it.

"Castalia," My feet lifted allowing the sticky liquid to slip beneath the base of my trainers, the sensation warmed the base of my feet. I lifted my eyes to see a clean and stressed Christian standing before me, his glossy grey eyes weren't his own.

"Christian," The second his name left my lips I watched his mouth part, a worry crossing over his features. I could feel my brain struggling to process the complex thoughts that rushed through me. My worries slowly began seeping together.

"You know my name?" I so badly wanted to reply, yet the words refused me. Afraid that my eyes would give me away, I launched them down at the ground. Hoping for one second he wouldn't wonder why, yet the moment I dared a glance at his face I twitched. The smile on his lips wasn't a usual feature, catching me off guard.

"I guess it's your time," The features on my face twisted into a scrutinising stare, unable to understand his words. But the moment I chose to voice my thoughts a hand pressed itself gently upon my shoulder.

"Castalia, I am so sorry. Can we talk?" April's bloodshot eyes blazed at me, her body shaking rapidly in her tiny tight fitting clothes. I nodded, risking one last glance at Christian. His whole entire stance had changed; his eyes were wicked, judging my movements. Yet his broad shoulders set high in his stance screamed power.

"I'll see you around Castalia," The moment his legs turned, leading him away from our little talk sent waves of unease rushing through my body.

"April you honestly don't have to worry okay, I don't know what happened back there but I am absolutely fine. I just feel a little shaken up, today hasn't been my day," Twisting my hand to glance at my phone I could see the time gazing back at me 6.30pm. April's fragile frame continued to shake uncontrollable the entire way home, her eyes constantly bloodshot and sore. But the panic in her eyes is what frightened me most, I found my hand travelling over to hers, grasping tightly of the skinny hand. For the smallest second her eyes locked with mine, her true pain blaring itself alive in mine.

"I'll get you through this April, I promise." I squeezed her hand, as small tears trailed down her face, clearing a small path through her gentle layer of foundation.

"I just don't understand I just feel so scared. What happened back there Cast?" For the briefest second I thought she meant what had happened to me. Yet, the moment I gazed at her, I knew that wasn't it. There was something else, she'd seen something else.

Something darker.