Authors Note: It's the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep so Maxwell and Rebecca didn't get to either. For those of you who have commented I just wanted to thank you. It's amazing just how motivating and exciting it is to get feedback on this story. I'm honestly not sure how long this story will end up being but I'm glad to have all of you on this journey as we find out.

Maxwell didn't sleep for long and less than an hour after they had fallen asleep he was untangling himself from the blond beauty cuddled against him. Rebecca stirred slightly as he stood and he took a moment to caress her hair and murmur words of comfort in her ear. Once she was settled he wandered into the bathroom where he quickly relieved himself before starting the bath. After some rummaging around under the sink he found some long forgotten bubble bath and poured it into the running water. Once the room was steamy and the tub was filled with bubbles and pale pink water he went back into his bedroom. Rebecca was still half asleep when Maxwell lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bathroom. It smelled faintly like roses because of the bubble bath and Rebecca nuzzled herself into his chest.

"It smells good."

"You smell good." He whispered into her hair as he lowered her into the warm bath. She hissed as her skin touched the water. "Too hot?"

"No.. no Sir." She gasped. "It's just going to take a moment to adjust."

He realized her skin must still be sensitive from the flogger earlier and he gave her a minute to grow used to the sensation of the almost hot water lapping at her body. Once she relaxed against the back of the tub Maxwell grabbed the soft washcloth from the counter and began to wash her body. His hand moved in slow methodical circles across her abdomen, then, skipping her breasts he moved to her arms. Slow and gentle he washed her, pulling her to sit up straight so he could reach her back then leaning her back again when he was finished. She was silent until he finally made his way to her breasts.

"Oh!" she gasped when the cloth brushed her hardened nipples.

"Shhh" He admonished before kissing her.

He was gentle as he kneaded her breasts and tugged at her nipples, keeping them wrinkled and taught. Next he moved to her legs, lifting each one individually and cleaning them. He began with her feet before moving to the ankle and all the way up her leg, not missing a spot on her. He noticed the slightest stubble on her legs and reminded himself to have her be sure to bring her razor with her next weekend, if there was a next weekend of course.

By now her legs were spread as wide as the tub would allow and every time his hand came anywhere near her core her hips would thrust towards him as if silently begging. He played with his little sub a while longer, avoiding what he knew she wanted most before finally moving the washcloth between her legs.

Rebecca choked back a moan and was rewarded with a "Good girl, that's it. Be quiet." He massaged her folds through the rag and softly scraped the fabric against her clit until she couldn't keep still. Her hips thrust and she wiggled fervently as she tried to get his hand where she needed it. Water splashed the floor and Maxwell until he was almost as wet as she. He rubbed harder and faster.

"That's it sweetheart, not a sound. Cum, cum for me."

He quickly slipped two fingers into her cunt and silently she tensed and a strangled cry died in her throat as she came around his fingers, her muscles squeezing them inside her.

Once she had calmed down and her breath had returned to normal Maxwell pulled the plug to the tub and lifted her out of the water. He sat her on the toilet seat and began to gently dry her off.


"Yes Rebecca?"

"What about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't cum."

"I know..." He wondered where this was going. It clicked half a second later as Rebecca slid from his grasp and knelt in front of him. He pulled her up and wrapped his bathrobe around her and sat her back on the toilet.

"Stay." He commanded before drying himself off and cleaning up the puddles left on the floor from her thrashing. When he looked back at her she was starring at him with worry and nervousness in her eyes. Maxwell didn't say a word until he had led her back to bed, removed the robe and tucked her in. Once his arms were around her and her head rested on his shoulder he finally spoke.

"Who is the Dom Rebecca?" His voice was soft and kind.

"Y... You Sir."

"And as the Dom what do I get to do?"

"What you want Sir?" He could hear the question in her answer and he could tell she wasn't sure what his point was.

"Exactly Sweetheart." He kissed the top of her head. "In the bathroom I did exactly what I wanted. It's not your job to worry if I cum or not. Trust me if I want to cum you'll know it. Understand?"

"Yes Sir." She whispered it was obvious there was more on her mind but they would have time to talk later. For not it was bedtime.

"We will talk more tomorrow alright?" Rebecca nodded against his chest. "For now try not to worry if you can and get some sleep." He felt her wiggle against his body, trying to get comfortable. The last thing she heard as she drifted off to sleep was Maxwell's voice deep and low in her ear. "I'm proud of you Rebecca. You are lovely."