Chapter one: The phantom of the fallen city.
"Alright, we've done it! Shut them down."
"Sir, there's a problem; they appear to, well, not WANT to."
"What do you mean? We never gave them enough processing abilities for resist!"
" Oh, they're not resisting, they just want to keep going."
"On what? Their mission's over!"
"On us."

It's strange how terrible this world had become in just in a few days. They wanted to stop the wars, and they did. They stopped every war that they or the enemy could possibly start.
Because there were none of them left to start any.
For a long time, I remember them fighting, hearing it on their televisions and being to stupid to think "This is a war." No, I knew it was, but the wars never came to the city, never even reached it. That was how it was, and I never worried, hell, I hated them, why SHOULD have I cared? They threw me out of their city because they hated me, and it got me killed.
At least, I thought it did.
Before any of this happened, I didn't ever remember much, but I remembered running. I was running away from them, from all of this, but the war had stopped me. Even after they had supposedly "found a way" not to blow each other up, there were still bombs being dropped everywhere when the other side got to the city. I remember seeing a soldier. He looked young and unfamiliar, but his face showed anger in every state. I knew not to like anger, anger had gotten me beaten before, so I defended my ground. The soldier ignored me. He looked right over me and flung something at a man behind me. The man was caught in a fiery cloud, and as soon as it hit me, my mind went black. I didn't think I was dead, I knew. I had thought I was dead before, but I could feel myself then, feel the pain. This was different.
Suddenly, I saw a green light. It landed on the tip of my blunt muzzle. The creature reminded me of my days with Hunter, where we would try to catch the small glowing orbs of the night in our mouths. Not the stars, but the small stars. The little ones that glowed and tickled your nose. I remember daydreaming of them as a pup. That was one of my few memories before things came rushing towards me. Voices that belonged to the green light and its brethren as they surrounded me.
"Not yet, not yet. Still here." Some said, while one collective voice argued back, "His mind is no issue. Now go before the body rots." I spoke to the lights, "What do you mean?" The collective voice disappeared as the creatures bombarded me.

A sudden rush of energy blasted through my body and mind as my eyes jutted open. Something felt missing though. Though I could see through both eyes, the vision in my left eye didn't seem my own, like someone else was looking up at the tattered skyline, transmitting the sight to me. Either way, it was sight, but what I saw was treacherous. The skyscrapers that lined the city were crumbling, the cars on the street stopped in their tracks, even built up in large pileups. Fires ran across the streets and buildings, but the worst part was the darkened sky, completely covered by nearly black clouds.
As I looked around, I noticed last one very prominent thing.
They were gone.
The humans, the creatures that started this war, were nowhere to be seen. They had me brought into this world, and for some reason, they blamed me for being born as what I was. I hated humans for the simple reason, that they treated others if my kind like Gods, but me, they looked at me and crossed the street when I went on walks. Like I said, I hated them, and now I couldn't see a single one.
Feeling the need to find at least one sign of life, I tried to move. The pain that I'd experienced had to have been extreme, but my legs still worked. I went to the buildings that I could and observed the complete lack of any humans. The plants were still there, roughly. The grass was still growing by the craters they had created with their weapons, some wilted flowers still clung to window boxes. That was when my head started rushing. What I swore was another voice, the collective voice, seemed to pry into my mind "They're all dead." Every one of them? That had to be impossible. If they had died, why was I still alive? Humans die with all other life, even life they consider lowly, like their yapping companions. I was one once, but I gave that up the minute I stopped trusting them.
"All dead. Even the children." The voice echoed with a humorous tone. It was enjoying my innocence to the situation. I pitied their pups, the poor creatures grew into humans, and the voice knew this. I tuned it out. I didn't care if they were dead, I wanted to know if everything else was. "Alright Thing, who's alive then?" I asked the thin air around me.
No response. Obviously whatever it was had left.
It was only talking about the humans, if anything at all, wasn't it?
That was when I saw a wary bundle of grey fur with a giant hook tail. It was a Chase. Though the humans called it something different, that was all the voiceless creatures were good for, and every other dog knew it by that name. I didn't really like Chases, even as a pup, but it was a sign of life. I tried to run after it, but no non-hunter has ever caught a live Chase. The creature ran between two fallen beams, a place only a Chase or a cat could go. The beams were by the large doors of one of the stranger buildings humans had created, with one way windows on every side. I had never been inside one, but I knew that humans in there could see me if I walked by them, my reflection just blocked me from them. Like I said, I'm no yapping toy. I may be less intelligent than humans, but I know about their work.
One of the windows had yet to crash down onto the concrete, and I saw something else.
I ran from it.
I was going to finish my task, and that was getting out if here, away from any sign of them.
"Why are you leaving? There's no where you can go." The voice said. I didn't care. I would go into the dessert that surrounded the city just to leave. There was nothing here for me.
They were gone, but I was here.

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