Prologue: thirteen years earlier

There was chaos everywhere as the king and his most elite warriors destroyed my town. I shake in fear, hiding in the old well behind my home. The rocks making up its structure had long ago caved in, barely leaving any room for me to hide. I cover my ears as another explosion goes off, and more innocent people scream in pain

But when silence fell, I am frozen to my spot. Suddenly I hear footsteps sounding across the rocks and dirt. When they come closer to my hiding spot, a young boy's voice echoes down the well as he shouts "Is there anyone down there?" After a moment of hesitation, I said "Who are you?"

I could hear the smile in his voice when he said "Just a simple boy. Can you come out of there?" Carefully, I crawl out of the well, dirt and mud staining my small green dress. When I finally climbed out, I see the boy dressed in rags. We both look over each other and I can't help but notice his dark blue eyes and silver hair.

The smile I heard in his voice was on his face as he held out his tanned hand. Still looking at me, he says "It's nice to meet you, green-eyed girl." I frown and stubbornly said "My name is Alecia." His smile grows as he obviously tries not to laugh at me. He bows slightly saying "Pardon me, Alecia. I am not used to talking to kids my age." I know my face scrunched up in confusion as I thought over his words.

But before I could ask my questions, we both hear the harsh clash of hooves against the ground. Fear covers his face while he quickly tries to remove a necklace I hadn't noticed. The young boy put it over my head saying "This will protect you from the king's guards. Never take it off." I nod quickly as he looks around. He pushes me and says "Hide again. I will lead them away." Before I stat my crawl into the well, I asked him "What is your name?"

He opens his mouth to answer, but before he can, the horses sound closer. After seeing his pleading look, I return to my place deep in the well. I cover my ears as I hear the footsteps run off and the horses stopping. I faintly hear muffled voices before the hooves pound away again.

When I am certain it is safe, I crawl out of the well. My heart sinks when I don't see the blue-eyed boy. I hold the necklace, noticing it was made of ruby. When the sun hit it, I think "It's in the shape of a sword." I lift my head and starts walking through town. As I saw all of the destruction and the bodies of the dead lying there, I felt a burning rage fill me. I kneel by a small child's body thinking "I will stop the king. For my family, my town, and the blue-eyed boy." I get up slowly and I rush out of town, heading to the rebels home.