My mind is blank.

Isolation engulfs my last thoughts.

The world around me turns to a blur.

I try to grasp to reality.

People surround me but I've never felt more alone.

Their words just fade into silence.

My worst fear.

Silence brings only horror.

It brings only pain.

I've experienced to much pain for my mind and body to hold.

The only thing I can process is the beat if my on heart which starts to increase.

It offers me slightest hint of comfort.

But that is not enough to save my soul.

My only savior is the sweet sound of life, of love but that is nowhere.

I can't hold on to my last hope.

It rips it from me with such force.

I can't handle it.

I shatter into a thousand pieces.

I will never be the same.

No one can repair my broken body .

Even if they can my soul will have a permanent crack.

I try to recover the pieces that used to be my existence.

But they just blow away in the ever growing wind that intends to scatter my remains.

Pieces of me fly away into the darkness, never to return.

I will never find the thing I cherish most.