Secretly In Love With You

I shouldn't feel this way about you, but I don't know what to do

The wall I've built around myself is nothing when you're here

And I have so many things to say, I wish that you could hear

It's the way you laugh, the way you smile

i always wish you'd stay for a while

And it's the way you'r eyes change green to blue

Depending on how the light hits you

We talk all day, and all night, too, but still it's not enough

I want to know your dreams, your goals, and what you love

You're my angel in disguise, that's for sure

Every moment with you makes me want more

Every dream I've ever had

Included you and that's not bad

So many words you need to hear

And all the while, the time draws near

Let's get this straight

You're worh the wait

I love you, but what can I do?

Do you see me the way I see you?