The 1-3 Crew

Months of training

Learning the knowledge we now wield

We're leaving our homes

Heading straight to the field

It was the four of us

Riding in this cramped MAT-V

Nothing could stop us

For we are Charlie One-Three

There was Borgerding

Driver for the Crew

Chasing down Rabbit

and he'll chase you down too

Piss of the TC Sergeant Ring

And He'll lay your ass in a pit

He'll also do it while lubricated

for he is the Cum-Magnet

Killing the Op-For is Royce

Handling the M2 as if it was a toy

One by one they fall as he yells

'So Long Gay Boys'

Then you got Velez

Holding down the ground

With him being the Dismount

Dropping enemies faster than sound

Last you got Hakuna

He don't need no luck

He's a mass-slaying Honey Badger

and he gives no fucks