The Laymen Debate Club

"The technology has advanced beyond our society's capability-"

The man purposely takes a breath and gauges the audience's reactions. He walks across the stage to pick up his pointer. Then, he continues his speech.

"-And that is why, my dear colleagues, we, as a whole, are headed to ruin."

He takes the pointer and gestures to a graph of the unemployment rate in factories across the country. As he runs the pointer up the escalating line, the lights darken and the curtains close. A spot light appears in front of the curtains where a young lady stands. "Did you enjoy it, my friends? In one of the most controversial debates of today, what side to you sit on? That technology was an improvement or the start of societal collapse? Thank you for coming to October first's Laymen Debate and Good night!"

. . . .

"Sherman, nice job with the closing sequence as always. The audience was in awe!"

A girl in a black dress with a matching long-sleeved shawl grinned at the male theatre technician. Her hair was long, dark brown, and filled with curls. Sherman nodded to her applause as he packed away his equipment. "Thanks, Susan. Do you now if Eliza left already? I need to ask her something." Sherman was dressed in brown overalls with a white, brown striped collared shirt. He wore a brown bow tie and a matching brown hat*. Susan pressed a finger to her bottom lip and gave thought to the question. "She said she had to call Quintin about the next meeting. You might be able to catch her if you hurry over to the office after you're finished." Sherman nodded and put the last of the equipment away. Then, waving farewell to Susan, he headed to the office.

"Next Tuesday? You've got to be pulling my leg! How exactly am I supposed to make this work? I told everyone the next meeting would be three weeks from now!"

"Then call them up and tell them the date has changed! Just do it, Ms. T. Smith!**

"I'm telling you that's not possible-"

Sherman knocks on the opened door and watches Eliza turn to him. The phone is still up to her right ear. Her long messy black hair is pulled into a single pony tail hanging down her back. It's tied with a red ribbon that complements her red dress coat and poofy, long skirt. She's clearly upset and Sherman wonders if he should have bothered to come find her. "I've got a question for you, Eliza." As he states his business, he wonders if he'll be shooed out.

"-You know what Charles? Let us discuss this at a different time. Yes, at the usual place! Good night Charles. Good night I said!"

Eliza, quite forcefully, hangs up the phone and gives Sherman her full attention.

"What is it, Sherman?"

"What's the topic for the next debate?"

"I'll tell everyone at the next meetin-"

"No, I need to know early on, so I can plan out what equipment I'm going to use."

"I see your point."

"So, the topic, Ms. T. Smith?"

"It's something you know well, Sherman."

"And. That. Is?"

Eliza had a wide grin as she stared at Sherman. She knew he was growing impatient. It was indeed fun to ruffle the theatre technician's feathers after a stressful day.

"What really happened to the people of the 'lost colony'?"

Author's Note:

* The hat looks something like this: i. stpost country- gentleman-city-fedora-hat -for-men-in-brown~ p~ 5206p_01~1500.3 .jpg

Remove the spaces.

** The T in T. Smith is a part of her last name. She doesn't have a middle name.

Well I hoped you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you for reading!