The Laymen Debate Club

The Lost Colony

"What? Just because the colonists disappeared the Roanoke Colony is suddenly tacked as the 'lost colony'? The remains of the colony were left for Governor John White and his men to find. Nothing but the people were lost! If they actually were 'lost' that is-"

Sherman's at it again as he starts the practice debate off with an outraged vigor. The technician's movements and expressions are filled with enthusiasm.

"On August 18th, 1590, John White found dismantled forts and a deserted settlement. Why was it deserted? Because the colonists fled from the hostile Native Americans nearby. They were than captured or killed by them outside of the settlement-"

Eager to counter the Laymen debater, Henry George, a debater from a rival debate team, rambles off a response.

"Stop," a well-rounded lady suddenly yelled from the audience. The two men silenced themselves. There was no question; her words were absolute. Who was she? Mrs. Claire De Mare (1), a former judge of debate competitions. She was a friend of the Laymen Debate Club's current director, Ms. T. Smith and had come to help with the next debate.

"Boys, let me ask you one thing. Is your aim to petition or argue your side of this debate?" Her full voice echoed off the auditorium's walls giving more impact to her words.

Henry was quick to answer. "Neither, I'm debating why my side is better than his."

"You're luke warm, Mr. George."

Sherman weighed his options tapping a finger to the side of his face. He wore a sharp white long-sleeved dress shirt under a dark brown vest. His pants and bow tie were a matching black.

"To convince the audience to believe me while denouncing my competitors side?"

"Close but not quite, Sherman. "

Both Henry and Sherman glanced at each other and then back to Mrs. De Mare in confusion as they asked,

"Then, what could it be?"

Author's Note:

Ah, It's been quite a while since I last looked at this story since school started back up. This update was very short, but it may be because I plan to cut this arc into sections. Thank you Ready To Begin and echogirlcapri for your reviews! I'm happy that you like this story and I hope you enjoy this short chapter!

(1) "De Mare": "De" is a Spanish word for "of". "Mare" is the name of an adult female horse. Therefore, her last name means "Of a female horse."