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"The world seems so blind. What's freedom," The smooth voice echo off the tall buildings in the city, "To a bird with clipped wings… without the gift of flight?" An acoustic sound filled the silent nights sky while fingers ran skillfully over the chords, the sound speeding up, "Silences my answer, fates a cold demon! Heart throbbing with only one reason!" The black haired teen started rocking back and forth at a steady pace.

"Do you really have to do this every night?" A tall figured appeared behind the guitar player, a frown on his features. "It is annoying." His green split eyes glared at the boy, his skin pale resembling a sheet of paper, "If you are so worried about finding your attached one than go search."

The black haired teen sighed, pushing the black hoodie back and revealing his facial features. "I would be better if she found me." The relax voice responded, he slowly placed his guitar down and stood to face the taller male. "Plus, you know if I come within a certain distance of her I'll forget everything and become a zombie. We don't even know if she has the charm bracelet." He scanned his pale friend, his stormy eyes looked curious. The clouds slowly moving within them, "What are you planning actually Alex?"

"Tell me Rin." The taller male started while putting his hands into their sleeves to prevent the cold air from touching his pale skin, "Can you forget an ill memory?"

Rin raised his black eyebrows at the question, "A memory is something that cannot be forgotten, but can be misplaced. " Alex signed at the answer, "It could always be found, you knew I thought this way about memories so why ask such a question?"

"A pity, I was hoping you would forget this!" He yanks his right arm from his sleeve, a short knife in his hand. He quickly launched forward, thrusting the blade for Rin's throat. The shorter boy reacted quickly, leaping back and trying to create distances. However, Rin wasn't quick enough to avoid the attack completely.

His eyes widen as the blade came closer to his neck, the sharp edge screaming death. He quickly crossed his arms in front of him, feeling the blade tear though his skin and into the muscle. "Alex!" It was at this moment that Rin realized his leap back resulted in them falling from the top of the building and toward the city below. "What are you doing!?"

"It's simple isn't it!? I'm eliminating someone who will become a threat later in life!" Alex exclaimed, his features carrying an insane smile, "Die!" He raised his legs up to his stomach kicking outwards with incredible strength.

The attack effectively connected with Rin's solar plexus, knocking the air from his lungs and launching him across the sky. Blood pour from the open wound on his forearm once the knife was separated from it, dripping onto the floor below. Rin grasp, his back colliding with the glass wall of the building behind him. The glass shattered, the sharp green shards dancing around Rin's body. The shards cut though his dark hoodie opening numerous wounds on his body.

'I forgot… not all us Supernaturals value friendship…Alex…you wish for destruction don't you?' Rin smile in response to the pain that ran its course though his body, 'However you have to find me to finish me.' He thought his eyes faded as he got closer to losing consciousness.

"I know that wasn't enough to defeat you Rin!" Alex yelled from the opposite building, holding onto an open window to prevent himself from dropping.

Rin simply grinned in response, "We'll have to settle this later Alex." The teenager allowed his body to drop from where it was stuck. 'I wonder…if I survive…will I fine my link soul.'

"You can't be serious! A drop like this is hard for even you to survive!" The pale supernatural stared in surprise while Rin's body decreased, inching closer to the ground slowly but surely. "Damn." He shouted, jumping into the building and running down the steps. "Knowing Rin he'll find a way to escape even now. I have to confirm the death."

When Alex arrives outside he was greeted with the sight of blood and the black hoodie that belonged to Rin, "He escaped…" Alex picked up the hoodie, squeezing it tightly. "Even with a link soul Rin…you'll always stand under me!"

'I'll never win...maybe he's right...' The thoughts echoed though his head while he drags his feet, his shoes sinking deep into puddle allowing the water to enter his sneakers and make wearing them even more uncomfortable. A desperate smile slowly made its way across his face while his legs weaken, "I need to rest." He thought out loud, slowly making his way towards an alley. The rain pored over the allay, the salty water dripping into his open wounds, creating more pain for him to endure.

He finally collapses against the brick wall, the shards of glass in his back digging deeper from the action. He growl almost silently, feeling his consciousness slipping away slowly. "A Supernatural is born with half a heart...or no why do I feel hurt and betrayed?" He questioned his own feelings, getting no answer in response. The rain poured over his head, causing his hair to stick to him. The teenager held his arms across his chest holding broken pieces of steel; he stared at the pieces with a grim look.

The teenager closed his eyes, feeling the rain pour over his skin, soaking his clothes. The feeling of the cold water striking his skin suddenly stopped, he opened his almost lifeless eyes to a beautiful female. She looked concerned, her soul piercing blue eyes staring into his stormy eyes. Rin looked up at the umbrella protecting him from the rain. "Hey..." He tried his best to give her a smile, but it came out weak.

The girl was small; she looked like she could easily be broken in half. Her blonde hair struck to her cheeks, stopping before her jawline and curling at the end of her golden locks. She frown at his weak attempt to greet her casually, instead of introducing herself she simply put her hand out to him. Her skin was slightly pale making the red nail polish stand out on her fingers.

Rin stared, before slowly reaching out and grabbing onto her small hand. He had nothing to lose and she was offending him kindness, rejecting it would only lead to him being left alone to suffer. She smile softly, "My name is Hana...I'll take care of you."

Note: I always picture my writing in an anime style so if it feels odd that is the reason. Hope you enjoy and that I didn't do too bad! KuKi(Air)