"Let us begin the fifth annual snowball brawl!"

Before Madison had time to register what was going on, the students on each side sprinted to cover and began frantically scooping snow up to make snowballs.

"Get down, newbie!" a purple haired girl with red highlights shouted as she pulled her down behind cover before a thrown snowball could hit her. "Sitting ducks don't belong on the front lines!"

"W-What is going down?!" Madison yelled as snowballs were hurled overhead from each side like bullets on a battlefield.

"Scoop snow! Talk later!"

Various thoughts raced through Madison's minds. How did this happen? Why was I of all people plucked from the world forced to attend this school? Why am I even here?

To understand Madison's thoughts, we must venture back a day. The day her normal life changed.

-Chapter 1: Snowball Brawl-

"Madison D. Clark," a bald, tall man wearing a black business suit with matching black sunglasses said to her, "You are hereby to enroll at the School for Looneys from this day forward."

Madison's mouth hang open in deep shock. Her parents simply continued to eat their dinner at the kitchen table as if not surprised by the news.

"Honey, can you pass the salt?" Mr. Clark asked his wife.

"Sure thing." she picked up the salt shaker and passed it to her husband.

"Father! Mother!" Madison stood up from her chair, flabbergasted by their indifference to the news. "How can you continue eating at a time like this?!"

"Maddy," her father said as he applied the salt to his rice, "Please don't shout across the table. It's rude."

"S-Sorry, father." Madison bowed in apology, sitting back down.

"I must say, ma'am," the tall man wiped his mouth with a handkerchief after devouring his meal, "Your cooking is quite delicious."

"Why thank you, Mr. A." Madison's mother blushed at the compliment, slightly giggling.

"Father! Mother!" Madison stood up once again, "We cannot sidestep the issue at hand!"

"You are absolutely correct, Maddy," her father stood up as well, "I have run of out of beer to drink. I shall come back with more. Mr. A, would like care for a glass as well?"

"Oh no, sir," Mr. A declined the offer, "Water would suit just fine."

Madison felt an incredible urge to bang her head against the table, but decided against it as she didn't want to anger her parents. After her father walked back to the table with a refilled glass of beer and a glass of water for Mr. A, she glanced at the tall man.

"Mr. A," she said. "Is there a reason why I am forced to enroll into another school after my first day?"

"Well," Mr. A took a quick sip from glass and then cleared his throat, "It is because you have been classified as unfit for society. As such, you must attend the school."

"Wait, unfit for society? Who decided that?"

"The government, Mads."

"D-Did you just called me..."

"The Japanese government selects a certain amount of students after scanning through the files of every student in within the district. We discovered that you, Mads, are too unfit to attend public school with your current peers."

"I still don't understand. What is so unfit about me? Is there something about me that I don't know?"

"It is as I feared," Mr. A sighed, "You are indeed a Looney."

"Well, care to explain the classification of a Looney to me?"

"I can not tell you that information as it is classified," Mr. A paused to push his glasses up, "What I can tell you is that it is classified under the Japanese government."

"I feel like I have no choice in the matter." Madison planted her palm to her forehand.

"Trust me, Mads, this transfer is not to punish you. This is for the safety of your former peers and for yourself."

"I'm... just going to go to my room now." Madison stood up and left to her room.

"I think I better leave too." Mr. A stood up from his chair, flexing his wrist to check his golden wristwatch for the time.

"Mr. A, I do wish you a pleasant night." Mrs. Clark said with a bow.

"She is..." Mr. Clark looked at Mr. A, pausing for a second to collect his words, "Going to be alright there, right?"

Mr. A smiled as he walked to the door. "I assure you, sir. She'll be just fine."

Madison closed the door behind her and flopped down onto her bed. She gazed into the window of her dresser, her short brown hair was fashioned neatly and her amber eyes sadden by the recent events.

Though she was personally bored with everyday life, she'd never imagine everything would change so suddenly. Had it been a chance to become a magical girl warrior, fighting demons at night, or gaining superpowers, she would rather take them being admitted to a "school" of sorts for people deemed unfit for society.

She had heard the name before at school from rumors among her peers. They gossiped that the school was like mental facility for crazy people or for the mentally ill. Others say the school grounds were guarded by bars, preventing anyone from escaping once you enter.

Course, she didn't believe the rumors, but they left a bad impression nonetheless. She was sad less by the fact she was forced to attend said school, but rather she would never had the time to see her childhood friend, Miyo.

Throughout the night, Madison slept in sadness. Though she found it odd the dream she had at night was about riding on the back on of a giant red tyrannous rex through a lush field of cotton candy.

The next day, the sun was shining brightly and birds chirped melody as they flew across the blue sky. It was the perfect beginning to a beautiful day if you weren't Madison right now, who was sitting in the family car with a gloom expression on her face.

Since the school allowed casual clothing, she decided to wear her school sailor uniform from her previous school, wearing it as a reminder of more pleasant times.

"Come now, Maddy," her mother turned around and smiled at her, "If you walked in with that look on your face, how will you attract boys?"

"Now honey," Mr. Clark chuckled, "She's a bit too young for a boyfriend at her age."

"Oh dear, you act like she's still ten. When we were young, we were practically married already."

"Ah, weren't those days. Maddy, that reminds me, we're never had the Birds and the Bees talk did we?"

"Dad," Madison said without looking at him, "There is no need to..."

"Oh what a perfect topic to talk about on the road, dear!" Mrs. Clark exclaimed with glee, clasping her hand together.

Madison simply groan as her father began the Birds and the Bees speech, attempting to drown out his voice by staring off into the wide open plains.

The school was located miles off from the town she stayed in, so on her first day there her parents decided to drive her to show her the route to walk home and what train to take.

Right now, Madison wished teleportation was a common thing rather than hearing father ramble on, who then later got sidetracked and began talking about his childhood.

After a minute of driving, they arrived at the school. It was fairly large and painted in a fancy shade of white. The structure looked like an academy rather than a public school with a large fountain stationed in the middle of the school grounds.

In front of the school gate, a giant mixed animal statue that had a structure of a duck, the head of a bear, and the tail of a dog stood firmly on the left side.

"My, what an odd creature." Mrs. Clark remarked.

"I think this is the school mascot." Mr. Clark stroked his beard in thought.

"Well, I'm off." Madison announced as she opened the car door, stepped out, and walked to the front gate.

"Have a good day, Maddy!" her mother waved.

"Remember our important talk!" her father reminded.

"Yes, love you too." Madison stopped to wave goodbye to our parents.

"W... Welcome to..." a rough, screeched tone sounded.


Madison slowly turned to see the mouth of the mascot hybrid move its mouth like a robot, eyes glowing red.

"Welcome to the School for Looneys!" the mascot yelled in a robotic happy tone. After its greeting, a small pop of confetti burst out of its mouth.

"Well... that was interesting... Have a good day!" her father stepped on the acceleration pad, bolting the car away down the road.

"I..." Madison muttered to herself. "Don't think this is a normal school at all."

After strolling down the hallway, Madison found the main office and asked the front desk where her homeroom was assigned.

A woman with blonde hair and a New Jersey accent told her that her homeroom was located on the second floor and room 214.

Following her directions, Madison found her homeroom and approached the homeroom door.

Alright, just one step and my life changes. I should pray that whoever is within this room becomes good friends with me and that I am not ending the school year in depress.

Whelp, there's no turning back now. My new life begins... with a single step.

Madison opened the sliding door to her homeroom, prepared to face whatever was behind it.

"Ah, there she is!"

Once the door fully opened, a man with short yellow, spiky hair approached her with a wide smile. He looked to be in his late twenties, sporting a small scruffy beard on his chin. His appearance was quite normal—jeans and dark blue shirt under an open yellow jacket—though there was something that immediately stood out about him.

His entire left arm was wrapped in bandages, from his fingertips running down possibly to his shoulder.

"You must be the new child, right?!" he asked, a slight hint of German origin in his tone.

"Um, yes, sir..."

"Well, come on in!" Without another word, the bandaged man dragged her into the classroom.

The classroom was oddly structured unlike anything Madison had seen before. Instead of desks, there were simply chairs scattered around the wooden floor. Each side of the classroom, expect of the left side which occupied the windows, had a chalkboard.

There were about twenty students around Madison's age, all in which had on a design of their own unique characteristics.

"Everyone this is our newest classmate! Please make her feel welcome!" the main proclaimed and then looked at Madison. "My name is Ikotu Iven, I shall be your homeroom teacher."

Madison nodded. "It is a pleasure to meet you, sir. My name is Madison Diamond Clark," she turned to her classmates and bowed. "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu."

As Madison straighten up, she saw blank expressions on her classmates' faces. She stood confused as to why they were staring at her without saying a single word.

"Excuse me," a blue haired girl with black highlights raised her hand. She wore a black and white t-shirt with a white heart on the middle and had light blue eyes. "Where did you get your sailor uniform from?"

"Oh, from my old school Katsurou High."

"Really, you came from Katsurou?"

A male student wearing a red cape raised his hand. He had a shaved head with remaining black strands sticking out, blue eyes, and wore a white suit. "My apologies, but what was the last thing you said?"

"You mean that I'm from Katsurou..."

"No, no. I mean from your introduction. What language were you speaking?"

"Um... Japanese."

"Japanese? But.. aren't we speaking Japanese now? Wait, what language were we speaking this whole entire time?!"

"Weren't we speaking in English?" the blue haired girl said.

"But this is Japan. How can we speak English fluently and not understand Japanese?!"

"It's actually quite easy to understand, Simpleton." a short-haired blond male student said with a bored sigh. He wore a scarf around his neck, a brown sweater vest, and black pants. "Your mind is just too small to comprehend."

"I swear, you call me simpleton one more time..." the shaved student glared at the blond menacingly.

"Alright, alright, boys." Mr. Iven stepped in. "Save it for the event. Which reminds me, everyone let's get going to the gym!"

The entire class stood up from their chairs and walked out of the classroom. Madison walked by Mr. Iven's side as the class strolled down the hallway.

"Um, Mr. Iven," she said. "What are we going to the gym for?"

"You'll see as soon as we get there, Madeline." he replied with an all-knowing smirk on his face.

"Um, alright."

Madison felt a slight tap on her shoulder and looked back to see the blue haired girl from before.

"Hey, Madison," she said with a smile. "I just wanted you to know if you ever need anything, I'm willing to help. My name is Cyanea, pleasure to meet you."

"Oh, thank you. It's nice to meet you too." Madison smiled back.

After a minute, the class stopped at the gymnasium doors. Mr. Iven stood in front of the class, clearing his throat in preparation to speak.

"My dear class," he said in a tone like a general, "Today is a day to remember. You will make enemies as well as allies. There will be tears, pain, and hardships to follow. But, I believe we can all say, it is a day we all shall enjoy in the end.

"My class, welcome to the fifth annual..." he opened the gymnasium doors, "Snowball Brawl!"

Madison's eyes nearly bulged out in deep shock. The entire gymnasium floor was covered in clear white snow. Snowflakes descended from the air, yet the air didn't feel cold.

A red line divided the gym into two sides, each homing snow fronts on the field and a blue tower standing high about five feet.

Madison stared around the interior of the gym, simply amazed at how something could be constructed inside of a school. Her expectations were moot, expecting the school to be a straight to the books facility and not allowing much freedom.

However, what she was seeing now destroyed those negative feelings she had at first. Now she was awestruck at how...

"Let us begin the fifth annual snowball brawl!"

Before Madison had time to register what was going on, the students on each side sprinted to cover and began frantically scooping snow up to make snowballs.

"Get down, newbie!" a purple haired girl with red highlights shouted as she pulled her down behind cover before a thrown snowball could hit her. "Sitting ducks don't belong on the front lines!"

"W-What is going down?!" Madison yelled as snowballs were hurled overhead from each side like bullets on a battlefield.

"Scoop snow! Talk later!"

Madison didn't know what to do. She randomly began gathering snow into one pile with her bare hands. Oddly, it feel cold enough to be considered as snow, remembering the cold frost well from winter. The textures were also more soft than regular snow.

"Is this fake snow?"

"Ah, no duh. How else do you think there's snow inside of a freaking building?" the purple haired girl remarked. She wore a purple top that had the words 'Angel' imprinted in white, red demin patterned short, and had black tattoo above her chest and left arm.

"Look, Maddie, if you can't build snowballs, you're better off going to King in the tower to see what you can do."

"Hold on a sec! I don't know what's going on! What are the rules at least?!"

The girl sighed in annoyance. "There are two teams: King's team and Alfred's team. You know, those two boys that were arguing earlier in class. King is the one with cape and Alfred is that pencil with a brain.

"Anyway, they are the leaders of each team and the rules are the opposing team wins if the leader is hit with a snowball. The red line is to prevent any raids until three people on the other side is hit, afterwards the other team can invade the other side in an attempt to take out the leader. That's pretty much it."

"Wait, so which team am I on..."

"No one's. You are free to join any team you want. However, just let this be known, Maddie." the purple haired girl glared at her threateningly. "If you decide for a second to join the other team, I'll be the first one to slam this snow into your pretty face."

Madison gulped and nodded. "Noted."

Madison crawled through the snow, ducking below the front line throwers and making sure to not to be within anyone's line of fire. It truly felt like a battlefield to her, imagining herself as a rookie soldier returning to base to discuss with the Colonel on what strategy she should take.

After a few minutes of dodging thrown snowballs and covering her uniform in fake snow, Madison reached the tower and began a short climb to the top. Once at the top, she saw King sitting in a foldable chair as if of high royalty.

"Ah, Madeline," King said as he noticed her arrival, standing up to greet her with a smile, "I've been waiting for you."

"Um," Madison looked around to see if he was addressing to someone else. "Me?"

"Yes, you! I am quite glad that you have decided to join my side instead of nerd without glasses!"

"I... haven't really had a choice to be honest."

"Madeline," King said as he laid his hands on her shoulders, staring deep into her eyes with a serious stare, "I need you."

An awkward silence fell over the scene, the two staring at each other as the battle continued onward behind them. King's stare was serious and oblivious to the oddity of his words and Madison's stare was blank and awaiting clarification from him.

"Can you rephrase that?" she asked after a few seconds.

"Oh, sorry, I blanked out there for a second." he chuckled, dropping his hands to his sides, "Anyway, I need you as you are a crucial part of this war."

"Wait, this is a war now..."

"This war," he interrupted, pacing around the tower as he continued, "Is a war that holds many values. We cannot afford to lose. Not today or the many winters that follow."

"I think you guys are taking this way too seriously."

"So Madeline, that is where you come in. You are the spear that will pierce the heavens! The Achilles armor that shall bring down our enemies!"

"I feel so confused right now."

"My plan, my ingenious plan, is for you to go to other side, approach that bastard Alfred and pretend to swear your alliance to him. At the last second, betray him and hit him in the face with a snowball!

"That is your value, Madeline! You can freely move about the teams! That is why you are my angel, my shining hope!"

"Please choose your words carefully, King."

"Kiiinnng!" a high pitched feminine voice shouted. Running up to the top of the tower, a male student with a mixture of black, white, and blue in his hair and wearing a small long sleeved, green shirt enough to show his belly button approached King.

"We're in big trouble! Two of our soldiers are down!" the high pitched student reported.

"Damn," King cursed and then turned to Madison. "One more soldier and they'll ambush us! Madeline, it's do or die time! You must run into the enemy tower now!"

"W-Wait a second!" Despite her protest, King directed her down the stairway. "Aren't you at least going to tell the others about this?!"

"No time!" he responded.

"Good luck, Maddie!" the multi hair colored student gave her a thumbs up.

As they reached the bottom, King gathered snow into a small snowball and stuffed it into Madison's skirt pocket. Before she had time to question what he was doing, he and the multi hair colored student walked back up the tower's steps.

Madison sighed, gazing at the battlefield at hand. King's team had retreated back to farther cover to avoid artillery. Alfred's team was prepared to deliver their onslaught of snowballs upon the slightest sight of any opposing enemy.

Madison took a deep breath and then exhaled. Well, you know what they say. You only live once.

With every muster of her strength, she ran into sprint. Everyone on the battlefield's eyes widen in surprised.

"What is she doing?" Cyanea asked herself. "Is she planning on switching sides in the midst of battle?!"

"Y-You," the purple haired girl gritted her teeth in anger, her face fuming red, "You freaking traitor!"

"Hold on, Dina!" a male student behind her warned, noticing her standing up, "If you go after her, they'll pummel you!"

"I don't freaking care!" Dina announced as gathered already crafted snowballs behind her station into her arms, "She's gonna pay for betraying us!"

Dina leaped over her station and ran after Madison like a tiger chasing after its prey.

"Oh, that's why she wanted me to tell everybody else." King said with revelation in his voice, watching from the top of his tower.

"I can't believe you forgot about Dina, sir." the multi hair colored student remarked.

A male student on Alfred's side noticed Dina angrily throwing snowballs at Madison, missing multiple times by just an inch.

"Now's our chance to get one of them!" he said as he rose to throw a snowball at Dina.

"Wait!" Cyanea warned.

The student ignored her warning and threw the snowball at Dina. Dina noticed it, sidestepping to evade.

"Don't interfere!" she shouted as she slugged the student with snowball to his face, causing him to fall to his back.

Due to the distraction, Madison had enough time to step over the red line, successfully entering the other team's territory and began to make her way to the tower.

"Dina, it's too late! Fall back now!" the same male student from before shouted.

Dina gritted her teeth in anger, reluctantly retreating back to cover with her teammates.

Once at the tower steps, Madison fell to her knees, gasping for air. It was the first time in her life that she'd ever ran so quickly before. There was a time when she close to missing the train to school or ran away from a stray dog, but neither left a lasting impression on her as much sprint earlier.

After taking a minute to regain her energy, she began to climb up the stairway to the top of the tower. Upon reaching the top, she saw Alfred sitting a foldable chair and gazing at the battlefield with trained eyes.

Before she could take a step towards him, he said, "I've been expecting you, Madison."

"Really? I suppose you didn't see me running for my life all the way over here?" she sarcastically remarked.

"Oh no, I saw," he turned around, staring at her with a blank expression on her face, "And I saw you crawl your way into King's tower." He lifted a pair of binoculars for her to see.

A slight blush ran across her cheeks. "Um, you weren't," she placed her hands over her skirt, "Looking up my skirt were you?"

An awkward silence fell over the scene, the two staring at each other as the battle continued onward behind them. Alfred's stare was blank and oblivious to the oddity of the situation and Madison's stare was serious and awaiting for him to answer her question.

"As I was saying..." Alfred said after a few seconds.

"You're not going to answer my question?!"

"I see no need to. It is irrelevant to the current topic."

"In other words, you did and you don't wish to admit it."

"Moving on," he ignored her words and stood up, "I've been observing your movements quite thoroughly, Madison."

"Now, you just sound creepy."

"And I have come to a conclusion as to why you are here."

From the right side of his chair, he picked a snowball and began walking towards Madison.

"Whoa, whoa!" she raised her hands up in defense, slightly stepping back, "I came to join your side! What are you doing?!"

"You take me as a fool, Madison. You don't think I knew what King was planning? As soon as he let you go from the tower, I knew he plotted to use you as a tactical advantage to defeat me.

"However, I planned ahead of time. Now as soon as I hit you with this snowball, my troops shall invade his territory and I will win this war!"

"Okay, we can talk about this." Madison chuckled nervously.

"The time for talk is over!" he raised his snowball, preparing to throw.

"Isn't this just a game?!"

"A game? No, my dear. This. Is. Snowball!"

"Sneak attack, nerd!" King shouted as he leaped up the stairs and threw a snowball at Alfred.

Amazingly, Alfred managed to evade the snowball by just a hair. The two leaders glared at each other menacingly.

"King?!" Alfred asked, baffled. "Why are you..."

"Here?" King finished, smirking. He then pointed at the battlefield below. "Look below."

Alfred quickly glanced at the battlefield, shocked to see King's troops had infiltrated onto his territory and his own troops defeated.

"When did you..." Alfred didn't need to finish to understand King's true plan.

"That's right, brainiac." King smiled, knowing Alfred had realized his plan and pulled out a snowball from his pocket. "I used Madison as bait to lure you and your men's eyes off my men. Once they were distracted, we set fire upon them and successfully raided your lines while you were busy with Madison."

Madison felt both betrayed and amazed by King's tactical skills. She felt slightly offended that she was used as bait, but understood King's reasoning of using her as such.

The rest of the class, including Mr. Iven, walked up to the top of tower, watching the stand-off between the two leaders.

"Oh, only King and Alfred left, huh?" Mr. Iven said with a surprised tone, "The next one to hit another with a snowball is the winner!"

The entire class watched intensely as they both circled each other, both prepared to throw the snowball in their hands.

For awhile, neither changed their stance or gambled to throw their snowball, they continued to circle around each other, awaiting for the other to throw.

Madison got bored quickly with the repeated motion of the two. She just wanted the game to end. As she placed her hands in her skirt pockets, she remembered the small snowball King placed in there.

She presumed he intended her to hit him with it once she managed to reach the top. An idea popped into her mind as she held the snowball in her hands.

She separated it into two tiny snowballs and threw them both at the leaders, hitting them both at the same time.

The entire class stared Madison with shocked expressions on their faces.

"I'm sorry," she said in an apologetic tone, "I just couldn't stand it anymore."

"Well," Mr. Iven scratched the back of his head, "Since Madison was the only one not hit with a snowball and a third-party not involved in either team... I guess she wins the snowball brawl."

Whilst Alfred and King stood dumbfounded by the result, the other classmates walked up to Madison and congratulated her with hearty handshakes and kind words.

"Congrats, Madison!" Cyanea exclaimed gleefully.

"You know for a newbie, you did pretty well." Dina admitted with a smirk.

"Come on, boys," Mr. Iven tapped Alfred and King on their shoulders, "It was a pretty fair game, wasn't it?"

King smiled and shook Madison's hand. "As the King of Looneys, I congratulate you on your endeavors in this war. As such, I wish for you to join my army next year!"

"Oh no, you don't!" Alfred stepped in, "She shall enlisted within my army as my First Lieutenant!"

"Why don't we settle this with another snowball fight, nerd?!"

The two glared menacingly at each other as everyone sighed.

"Why don't we leave the listing for next year, fellas?" Mr. Iven said with a chuckle.

"Um, Mr. Iven," Madison approached him, "If you don't mind me asking, why do we have these snowballs fights to begin with?"

"It's quite simple, Madeline. What other way to communicate with one another, build relationships, and have fun all at the same time than a snowball fight?!" he patted her head with a wide smile on his face. "Okay, everyone! Let's wash up and return to class!"

With that, everyone walked the down tower's steps and exited the gym. Madison was surprised how effectively Mr. Iven's project worked.

Despite how odd her classmates were, she enjoyed communicating with them all. She couldn't see how any of them wouldn't be fit of society or why they were forced by the government to enroll the school.

After the snowball fight, she felt glad she got to experience something quite exciting, met some new and interesting people, and hoped her time at the School for Looneys continued to be an enjoyable one.

-End of Chapter 1-