It drives me insane
Whenever I hear you say my name
It is weird and special and sweet
And I feel my soul push through my feet
And you come near and start to smile
I'm lost and drown into your eyes
Those brown iris say nothing at all
But when they lock with my beetle ones,
I know I'm always ready to fall
The cryptic mind starts to speak
And I hear the voice that makes me weak
I look at the charming face and those gorgeous hazel eyes
And those full red lips that say no truth nor lies
I've memorized your eyes, nose, lips and your imperfections
I've wished your shoulders were my protection
Your limbs and torso, I long to hold
My head on your chest,
A kiss on my forehead, when I am cold
I look down at your hand and wish it were mine
But I look at my watch and flew back to time
Years and years back before I grew
A decade ago when I haven't got a clue,
You hold small hands with your own
Someone kisses your lips
And both welcome you home
You play with them and carry your child around
Comforts him with that sexy, hoarse, beautiful sound
And nights will come when I think about you with her
Sharing warm sheets and pillows in a cold, stormy midnight
Faces inches apart, lips meet at once
Predator and prey share love and take this chance
While I taste salty tears coming out of nowhere
With my pillow and blanky, the things that seem to care
I try to fight them but they freely flow
And I look at the skies and remember that no moon would glow
I can find no words to say
'Cause I know that if you weren't with me, you'll still be okay
Seems like you're happy with your life
While I stab myself gladly with this knife
Impossible as it might be,
Baby, I'd play with fire if only you would want me
But the gold infinity tatooed on your left
Blurs the hope living inside my head
Will it soon be gone?
Will the pain hang on?
Is it right or wrong?
Will this be as sweet as a cliché love song?
Can I make you love me?
Can I call you mine soon?
Will I wait for another lifetime to be with you?
Or will I just look at the stars and the quarter moon?
I know that this feeling will never be true
For starters, I know nothing about you
I am just another girl who seeks to call your name
And it burns to take risks and play with flames
I'm a willing victim, therefore, I'd say,
I am ready to face with you yet another day
If I ruin golden infinity lines,
And then wake up in a bed we slept as we played with the winter fire,
Would you be beside me and say that you're mine?
Would I see a morning rose on top of my bedside clock?
Maybe, I'd see diamonds and stones melting into rocks
That would be gold for those gossipmongers
To hear a story of a home wrecker
Will I let that happen to me?
Right now I think I will
Because I am crazy about you, dear
I am falling in love with the wrong guy
From the start, I know this isn't right
We could have been one
We'd be perfectly alright
We could be a great match
I'd give up my all for just one night
But it's impossible because you're holding her tight
Happy with her and your home and forevermore
As I break into pieces and slowly torn
Now, I ask, if I'd be alright if I see you again
I think I'd be although I know I can't
The sun will rise and I'd see the light soon enough
Then a miracle will come and I'd choke a laugh
I'll forget about you and this stupid love will stop
You never held mine but I'd let go of your hand
I'd stay upright and try to stand
From the start, this love was never for me
So, I would still try to wait and see
By the way, it's almost dawn
Soon, our time together will be over
Minutes will pass and seconds will, too
So maybe soon, I'd understand
That I was never meant for you