The next few days passed quickly. Jarem talked a lot, which was strange, most of his previous travelling companions had been fairly quiet. He kept leading them down odd paths and detours. Not often but once or twice a day he'd take some sudden turn off the road and onto some forgotten trail. Sometimes he would say something, Shadow had seen something and signaled to take another route, sometimes though he would just wander off and let Jarec follow. It was a lot of fun actually, Jarem had a zest for life and exploration. He had a knowledge of plant and animal life that rivaled all that Jarec had learned in the Garden. Jarec gladly spent much of the time travelling listening to Jarem, until they reached Red Lake.

"You said you lived near Red Lake didn't you?" Jarem asked as they came to the edge of the waters. He knelt down by the water to run his fingers through it. It swirled and jumped as he Pushed and Pulled at the water, making an interesting dance on the waves.

"About a day's walk south of here yes." Jarem stood, the water spiraled up with his outstretched hand as he did, almost like a staff of water that sank slowly back down as he turned away.

"Well, then let's go! I don't think I've ever really gone that way before." Jarec tried to talk him out of it, but couldn't really find an argument against it. So, he followed Jarem's eccentric enthusiasm southward. The trails he had used to get there, had become worn, and had been nearly lost to the passage of time. He knew it well though, and pointed Jarem in the right directions as they went. That and got Jarem to show him how he'd done that thing with the water.