It was strange being dead, I decided. I mean, going from having arms, legs, a head, etcetera to having no corporeal body whatsoever was an odd feeling. I felt like an omniscient presence, as though I were a god or something.

After trying for what could've been a few hours, a few years, or a few millennia I finally managed to focus myself on one particular thing. It looked vaguely familiar- it was definitely human. I searched through my all-knowingness and found the name of the thing.

It was me. I watched in fascination as another thing- a mortician- my knowingness supplied, brushed powders over me, cut my hair, painted me and clothed me. How very unusual, I thought to myself, that one would bother with all that effort only to cover me in dirt or burn away my flesh the very next day.

Perhaps I could bring my omniscient-self back into my corporeal-self, I pondered, but my knowingness could not supply the know-how. I resigned myself to watching and waiting for the end of all that remained of me. I briefly wondered who might come to watch my body go, but my knowingness could only supply Carole.

'Who is Carole?' I questioned myself, my knowingness gave me a vague answer; a young girl with brown pigtails.

So I waited and eventually the time came. I watched as they nailed the coffin closed, as though they thought I might escape if they didn't. I watched as the little girl stared at the hole where my body now lay. She didn't shed a tear. My knowingness was surprised to see another girl, no, a woman there, dressed all in black with her red nails on Carole's shoulder. I knew her somehow, but I found my knowingness fading with each handful of dirt thrown on my body's new home.

Just as the grey fuzz arrived and the omniscience left, my knowingness whispered 'Your daughter and wife' before sputtering, coughing and dying out. And that was my last everything.